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OMN: TV: With Obbo Bekele Gerba - Aug 2019


YMCA Ethiopia in London


Benegrachin Lay - Birhane Tsigab [Arts TV World]


TMH TV: Discussion on Tigrai Politics based on Mehari Yohannes book- Aug 2019

One of the worst outcomes of the tyranny of the majority brought by team lemma of the EPRDF is the fact that 'democracy' cannot save Ethiopia. TPLF approved a federal constitution that allows Tigrai and other nation and nationalities in Ethiopia to be a weak minority with insignificant seat in parliament. If you listen to the above very matured discussion from Tigrai elites in Mekelle, you will understand, Ethiopia's fate is almost sealed! Ethiopia is done!


ይውረዱ ይብቃዎት
ኢዮብ ከጮማ 8-6-19


Beri Meyda: Girls Boarding School in Samere - Tigrai. July 2019
(Amahric Version- with a english caption)

The spirit and can-do attitude of our people are amazing. A few years back we interview Col Zenibu the brainchild behind this wonderful project and tried to introduce the project to the Diaspora. We knew then she was committed and was going to finish this project come rain or shine! Despite all the negative developments in Ethiopia over the last few years Col Zenebu and her partners have successfully established the boarding school. ኮሪዕናለኩም!


Tigrigna poem by Desta G/hawaria(Basha Desta)- July 2019
What a gifted and talented person!


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Diaspora for Development!
What a wonderful worth remembering diaspora tour held by Tigrai development Association/TDA! The 2nd International Diaspora Festival Tigrai which brought together diaspora Tegaru from North America, Europe, China, Middle East and Africa for the same objective took place in a wide range of programs in Mekelle, the beautiful Northern Star Capital of Tigray as of 24 to 30 July 2011 E.C. The event was regarded as the most important...

Manufacturing public debate
A public official is a ventriloquist who speaks for the state: he takes an official stance and speaks for the group he is addressing (for their benefit and as their mouthpiece); he speaks for and on behalf of all; and he speaks as a representative of the universal.

የጃዎር ኪንግደም
ከማህፍቅ 8-12-19

Ethiopia's critical juncture: Ethnic tensions and liberal transition
The most concerning situation, yet, exists in the Amhara Regional State. On June 22, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed accused General Asamnew Tsige, head of the security forces in Amhara, as well as other Amhara military officers of being responsible for an attempted coup d’état. General Tsige was subsequently killed along with his alleged accomplices while over 250 people, especially members of the National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), the region’s leading party, were arrested.

ላልሰማው ጉድ ነው ዘንድሮ
ሓጎስ አረጋይ 8-12-19

Authorities arrest Sidama Media Network workers in southern Ethiopia amid unrest
Nairobi, August 9, 2019--The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on authorities in Ethiopia to disclose the charges against three media workers from the Sidama Media Network or release them immediately, and to guarantee that journalists operating in southern Ethiopia can report freely.

How Indefinite Conscription Restricts Young People's Rights, Access to Education in Eritrea
Since the border war with Ethiopia in the late 1990s, Eritrea's President Isaias Afewerki and the ruling People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) have used indefinite national service to control the Eritrean population. Human Rights Watch research finds that many Eritreans have spent their entire working lives at the service of the government ...

"ዲያስፖራ" ከሚበጀው የሚፈጀው
ከአብዱራህማን አህመዲን፤ 8-10-19

The Gavel or the Gun?
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 8-9-19 - I just returned from the grand conference of Tigraian scholars in Mekelle (Quo Vadis Tigray). It is heart-warming to discuss development in a besieged Regional Capital. One can never fail to admire the people, the scholars, and the leadership for making it possible.

World food security increasingly at risk due to 'unprecedented' climate change impact, new UN report warns
Speaking at the launch of a Special Report on Climate Change and Land by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Geneva, experts highlighted how the rise in global temperatures, linked to increasing pressures on fertile soil, risked jeopardizing food security for the planet.

The Weaponization of Victimhood: Another response to the communique of "concerned" Ethiopians
Elias Dawit 8-8-19 - On July 19, 2019, 145 Ethiopians, calling themselves "concerned Ethiopians", published a communique in the form of an open letter to all Ethiopians and the international community. The ostensible purpose of the communique was to warn their compatriots and the wider international community that...

Planting millions more trees might not be the way to tackle Ethiopia's environmental problems
Ethiopia is hoping to tackle the effects of climate change by planting more trees, but in doing so, it might inadvertently be creating new environmental problems. This week, prime minister Abiy Ahmed joined Ethiopians from northern Tigray to the Southern Nations to plant...

Cease and Desist-Ato Andaregachew!
Samuel Estefanous 6 Agust 2019 - I read Andy Tsige's political autobiography and noted, 'a good book but it would have been a great one-had it been edited.' What a shame! A book of such 'grandeur' wasn't edited; looks like to me, Ato Andargachew published his rich rough notes just like Giday Zeratsion did.But rough notes have their own peculiar charms-like racy tabloids do - and it was a good read indeed except for the following.

The President of the Federal Supreme Court Transgresses the Constitution
Makonnen Tesfaye, 4 August 2019 - Meaza Ashenafi's, the President of the Federal Supreme Court,unashamedly open advocacy for and pronouncement of a military action against the Regional State of Tigray on a public platform is a further escalation of the Abiy Government's "undeclared" war on Tigray, which is targeted against the Region's democratically elected political leadership and people. ...
Meaza in Her Own Voice

የሱዳን ውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር ለኢትዮጵያ እና አፍሪካ ሕብረት በሱዳን ሰላማዊ ሽግግር እንዲደረግ ለተጫወቱት ሚና የምስጋና  ፕሮግራም አዘጋጀ፣
MOFA Aug 6, 2019

Tigray is in danger
Teodros Kiros (Ph.D) 8-5-19 - Tigray is being circled constitutionally and politically by the Abiy regime in concert with Esaias Afework. We have to analyze the present movements in Ethiopia, most particularly Abiy's recent visit to Eritrea. The public is not privy to the purpose of the visit and the actual content of the discussions, which took place ...

The Most Repressive State You May Have Never Heard Of
With more than 25 million people forcibly displaced from their countries by the end of 2018, the world currently faces an unprecedented refugee crisis. Among the countries with the highest rates of displacement are Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Afghanistan - all of which are riven by war and instability. Also on this list, however, is Eritrea.

Tailored Education Programs from Pre-K to K-12 and Beyond-Personal Reflections on Some Tested and Adaptable Practices from the US and Canada
Mulugeta Gebregziabher, PhD - Every child is unique and needs a uniquely tailored educational program that allows him/her to succeed academically, socially, and financially- all paths to a rewarding life. However, most education programs are highly standardized (non-tailored) to the unique individual needs. While standard programs work in most cases, some students could benefit s ...

Egypt hands Ethiopia its vision of Renaissance Dam
The Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation yesterday announced the return of Minister Mohamed Abdel-Ati from a three-day overseas tour to Sudan and Ethiopia to discuss the latest developments in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.The Minister handed Egypt's final vision of the filling and operation rules of the Renaissance Dam to the Ethiopian Minister ...
It is a step in the right direction for Egypt to acknowledge the Dam will be built. The filling period has been always open to negotiation. It should be easy to find a middle ground. However, Ethiopian officials should never allow foreign entities to have a say in the day to day management and operation of this Dam! Remember Ethiopians own the dam! (Engaw be Engaw) slogan!!!

Aseffa Abreha 8-2-19 - Sometime ago, a presentation of a three-year development plan of the Tigray Development Association (TDA) was broadcast by its Board Chairman, Engineer Yemane Tadesse. I found the presentation very impressive. It is clearly thought out, well designed and presented. The Board Chairman explained with clarity the contribution of TDA ...

The Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering (Mekelle Institute of Tech) and the Department of Biotechnology (College of Dryland Agri. and Nat. Res.) are making preparations to jointly carry out the first conference on biotechnology and allied sciences and engineering called ...

Ethiopia is in the Midst of a Rapid Democratic Renewal. Can It Succeed?
Ethiopia's political scene is changing. Since taking office in April 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has accelerated a process of political opening, including greater freedom of the press, the release of political prisoners, a detente with Eritrea, and other meaningful reforms. But Ethiopia's transition to a liberal, open and multi-party democracy has faced some significant challenges...On the line to help explain why Ethiopian politics is at such a pivotal moment right now is William Davidson

One of the best analysis of the predicament of Ethiopia to date! Westerners are accustomed to associating every change with an individual instead of a group or a party. Abiy may be a prime minister of Ethiopia but he cannot change Ethiopia by himself. If there is going to be a change in Ethiopia, nation and nationalities and the peoples of Ethiopia will have to be part of it. Of all political parties in Ethiopia today, only the EPRDF can pretend or claim it represents the nation and nationalities of Ethiopia. Therefore, if EPRDF fails so will Ethiopia!

Coffee-Growing Nations Plan UN Protest as Slump Ruins Farmers
Presidents from coffee-growing nations are planning to use this year's meeting of the UN General Assembly to demand higher prices from the world's biggest roasters. Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro is one of the leaders expected to join the protest in September, along with...

Who was the one that said the OroMara coalition is "እሳት እና ጭድ?" In just a little over a year, the two are on a cutthroat campaign to undermine each other! Meantime, Ethiopia is suffering! It is really sad the elders and learned men and women from these two large communities are allowing the destruction of Ethiopia by enabling an inept government. Read the two Open Letters!
Concerned Amhara Open Letter       Concerned Oromo Open Letter

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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Tigrai Telethon July 28, 2019
Armed with a slogan "Tigrai bi Tsifrina!" organizers were expecting to raise around 250 million but Tigrai Telethon has surpassed 600 million and still counting!!! The Diaspora Community is yet to be counted but the plan is in the works to raise more funds from North America in the coming months! Congratulations!!


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