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PM Abiy, there is No Justification to Keep Binyam in Jail. Do not undermine yourself- You said no one will be jailed without a reason. You are holding Binyam in jail for over a month and you still can not charge him! ዝግበር ግቨር እምብር ህዝቢ ይክፋእ አሎ!!





Fetlework Gerezgiher, TPLF Vice Chair, and EPRDF Executive Member speech during PM Meles 6th Memorial Anniversary- Mekelle Tigrai Aug 17, 2018


ሰላም:ከሀገረ:ንግስት: 08-21-18


Poem:Tribute to the late PM Meles Zenawi
selam lekulukemu 08-20-18



*** ክፍት የስራ ቦታ ***
የፈረሰን የሚገነባ
የሚለስን የሚጠግን
መዶሻን የሚፈራ
መጥረጊያ የማይጠቀም
አመድን የሚያከብር
ለሳኝ ጠጋኝ።
ኢዮብ ከ ባህር ማዶ 08-19-18


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Ethnic unrest tarnishes new Ethiopian leader's reforms
CHELELEKTU, Ethiopia (Reuters) - Shiburu Kutuyu, a 45-year-old Ethiopian maize and coffee farmer, was jolted awake by gunshots one night in June. He told his wife and seven children to flee.They returned to find their mud-walled home had been burned down, but no sign of Shiburu. Eleven days later, fellow farmers found his body hanging from a tree, his severed limbs strewn on the ground."A mob of Oromo youths killed him in the most gruesome manner,"

It is really sad. This is not what was expected after 27 years of EPRDF rule.SAD!

Time to get rid of “Revolutionary Democracy”
Tesfay Atsbeha 08-24-18 - There is generally a sense of relief, hope and even euphoria amongst Ethiopians since Abiy Ahmed became the prime minister of Ethiopia and since he released many political prisoners and journalists, lifted the state of emergency, started peace negotiations with Eritrea, welcomed members...

Ethiopian Airlines Partners in Launching of Chad National Carrier
Addis Ababa, August 24, 2018 - Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX certified Four Star Global Airline, is pleased to announce that it has finalized agreements with the Government of Chad for the launch of Chad national carrier. Ethiopian has 49 percent stake in the joint venture while the Government of Chad retains 51 percent.

World's media invited to cover UPU's Second Extraordinary Congress in Addis Ababa
BERNE, 24 August-Around 1,000 representatives of 192 countries and the global postal sector will soon meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss the Post’s future. The Extraordinary Congress, hosted by the Ethiopian government is only the second in the 144-year history of the Universal Postal Union (UPU)...

Prof. Tecola Hagos-Stop your vitriol and flip-flop
M Gettaw, Aug 24, 2018 - As a political junky, I have read several articles written by Tecola Hagos over the years. One common thread that I observed in many of his articlesis the bashing of Meles Zenawi...

Today, the political actions of Addis Ababa are just the same as four basic mathematical operations
Eyob Ghebreziabhier Bein 08-24-18 - It is not new to say that the generations were coming and going without knowing the mysterious political games of Addis Ababa. This embarrasses any research that wants to launch a DNA test on it. But now it seems that there will be ...

800 people arrested in Ethiopia amid fresh regional violence
Addis Ababa – Ethiopian authorities have arrested 800 people accused of causing fresh violence in the East African nation, officials said on Thursday.Some 500 people were arrested over the past week in Oromia on suspicion of murder,...
We hope that law enforcement and officials in Shashemene who were guarding Jawar while a poor innocent man is hang upside down are some of them! Jawar don't you feel ashamed you were there when poor innocent Ethiopian is killed and hanged while hundreds of bodyguards are watching your safety?

Tecola W Hagos (24 August 2018) - Yes, we Ethiopians are in big trouble, especially those of us who are emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and metaphysical connected with the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. The current political situation in Ethiopia leaves no room for optimism. The first problem was generated by the new untested Prime Minister when he used the eye-catching phrases...

Eritrea Mulls Port as Ethiopia Rapprochement Spurs Investors
The facility could be used to ship potash from Ethiopia and adds to a series of port developments in the strategically located region by nations including Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and the self-declared Republic of Somaliland.The port would be situated at the Bay of Anfile, 75 kilometers (47 miles) east of the 1.2 billion-metric-ton Colluli potash deposit, Alem Kibreab, director-general of mines in the Ministry of Energy and Mines, said...
While welcoming Eritrea's new stand, Ethiopia should be very careful not to upset the Chinese! China has invested heavily on port development in Djibouti and Ethiopia over the years. To undermine such investment to appease UAE and other Arab nations will be simply stupid!

ኢትዮጵያ ከቀጠናው ጋር ያላት የኢኮኖሚ ትስስር ተጠናክሮ ይቀጥላል- ፕሮፌሰር አፈወርቅ ካሱ
የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር ቃል አቀባይ ጽ/ቤት ነሐሴ 17 ቀን 2010 ዓ.ም.

The Future of Ethiopia: Developmental State or Political Marketplace?
Alex de Waal August 20, 2018 - Today's changes in Ethiopia are rapid, confusing and disruptive. They promise openness and democratization, but also contain perils. Like many others, I am struggling to place them in a context that allows me to make sense of what is happening now and what may happen in the near future.
Must Read, We were told way before by Meles what will become of Ethiopia if....!

Engineer Semegnew Fund
The Water Irrigation and Electric Ministry has established an Engineer Semegew Fund to help Engineer Semegnew family and carry on his dreams by giving a scholarship to selected students.

አንበሳን ፍለጋ
በ ሩባና 08-19-18

Open Letter to Congressman Chris Smith and His Delegates
M Gettaw, Aug 2018 - It has been reported in the news that Congressman Smith is leading a US delegation to visit Ethiopia with the goal of making discussions with the Ethiopian government about democracy and rule of law. I don't have any opposition to the visit or any help that the congressman...

EPRDF concluded its Executive meeting today Aug 22, 2018. In its Statement released on its Facebook account, the Front acknowledged the relationship between its member organizations is very worrisome! It hoped to mend the relationship going forward. It is an open secret the relationship between ANDM and TPLF is at its worst now. It is to be recalled thousands of Tigrean origin have been displaced from Amhara region and as recent as a few weeks ago Tigreans were savagely murdered in daylight and the ANDM administration has not done enough to stop such killings.

Ethiopia in Turmoil of US, Saudi-Backed Coup, Not 'Reforms'
Nearly five months after a change in power in Ethiopia, the country is witnessing an outbreak of deadly communal violence in several regions. The surge in conflict has come after many years of political stability in the Horn of Africa nation, stirring fears that the country may be facing widespread chaos and even break-up.

Joint Statement at the signing of the shareholders agreement between Ethiopian and IDC of Zambia
Addis 08-22-18 - Shareholder agreement between Ethiopian Airlines and the Government of Zambia

ሐገር ጫታ ይሆናል
አሜን ተፈሪ 08-22-18

How Russia Targets the U.S. Military
In the fall of 2013, Veterans Today, a fringe American news site that also offers former service members help finding jobs and paying medical bills, struck up a new partnership. It began posting content from New Eastern Outlook, a geopolitical journal published by the government-chartered Russian Academy of Sciences...

Dr. Abiy's Reforms Hasten Inclusive Economic Developments and Political Stabilities in Ethiopia
Dr.Teshome Adugna August 21, 2018 - Reform is the natural process of any nation to bring desirable change in the given country. Today many countries in developed and developing countries have undertaken various forms of reform to improve the life qualities of their people. Ethiopia had been undertaken a number of reforms since the modern government administration started in the country sincthe e early 1940s.

OLF, Abiy and,TPLF
Zeru Hagos 08-20-18 - One among the many memorable songs of the legendary singer the late Kiros Alemayehu is ምቕናይ ጽቡቕ (good to be around to see the present). Ethiopia’s politics is filled with many intrigues and backstabbings. Many of Ethiopia's former kings and princes were known to have used extensively...

Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) Regional Comparative Analysis on Selected Agricultural Items 2009 E.C (2017)
Hailay Gebretinsae Beyene, PhD Mekelle University (August 2018)

Vision and the Politics of Ethiopianity: The leadership of Abiy Ahmed.
Teodros Kiros (Ph.D) 08-21-18 - I would like to begin below with what I wrote on Ethiopianity and Independent Thinking a few years ago to frame my present argument that Ethnic consciousness is mediated by positive ethnicity and National Consciousness and that the two are inextricably intertwined. I argue further that ethnic consciousness, anchored on positive ethnicity, is the material infrastructure for the superstructure of culture...

Fetlework Gerezgiher, TPLF Vice Chair, and EPRDF Executive Member speech during PM Meles 6th Memorial Anniversary-
Mekelle Tigrai Aug 17, 2018

Must Listen!

Remembering Meles Zenawi: The skillful Politician
Zekarias Ezra 08-20-18 - I want to share my opinion on the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on the 6th year anniversary of his passing. The late PM Meles had formidable political skills. I have had issues and plenty of disagreements with his political ideology.

Austria's far-right ordered a raid on its own intelligence service. Now allies are freezing the country out.
VIENNA — The raids came without warning, surprising even the intelligence operatives whose job is to never be caught off guard. On the morning of Feb. 28, police stormed offices of Austria’s main domestic intelligence agency and carted off some of the nation’s most sensitive secrets in open crates and plastic bags. Top spy service officials working from home that day were...

Ezana Sehay 08/19/2018 - A leader must have a vision and he/she must find the courage to fight for the policies that will give that vision life. A leader must govern not for easy headlines in 10 days, but for a better country in 10 years - and he/she must be ready to endure the attacks that often accompany profound or controversial change, while he/she await the distinct and compelling sounds of verdict ...

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

New Song- Kahsay and Solomon at Ashenda Mekelle 2018


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