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Finally, rule of law and the constitution is recognized as a must have for a stable and democratic Ethiopia! Hopefully, this is the end of Mob Politics!



Los Angeles Counsul-General Ambassador Berhane Kidanemariam on Current Issues - SBS Radio Aug, 2018


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Tigrai Tv: Remembering the Great!


እሪ በል ወገኔ
ከተክልየ 08-16-18


Y.G. 08-14-18


Short interview with the renowned Artist Sisay Hishe. Tamrat was able to interview Sisay during his stay in Tigrai, Ethiopia.Aug 11, 2018.



ቄሮ አልሞተም ለሌላ
ኢዮብ ከባህር ማዶ 08-10-18



Zete Aiga-Eritreans on the on going Ethio-Eritrea Peace Process - Aug 2018


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Michael Abraha 08-19-18 - TPLF/EPRDF have modernized Ethiopia. TPLF’s enterprising plan rebuild and beautify Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Adma, Hawassa, and many other cities is one successful outcome of its endeavors. It is one proud legacy that can only be associated with the reign of TPLF just as the building of beautiful Asmara will always be attributed to Italian colonizers.

Safuu fi seerarra hingorinaa
Ibsaa Namarraa 08-19-18 - Itiyoophiyaan tibbana walitti-bu’insa fi ajjeechaa sukkanneessaa keessa dabarte. Naannoo Sumaale Itiyoophiyaa magaala Jigjiga fi magaaloota kan biroo keessa lammiilee ummata naannichaa waliin nagaan jiraachaa turan irratti haaleellaan raawwatame jiraa.

PM Meles 6th Memorial Tribute from Tsinat Radio
Aug 17,2018

Fear Dampens Hope Among Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia
The Eritrean refugee camps in northern Ethiopia are unusual. Instead of being crowded with families who have fled conflict, the camps in the north are filled with young men."Our problem is not the border," a refugee named Kidane told us, repeating a common sentiment. He returned to the Ethiopian camps near the Eritrean border...
We understand Abiy's govt foremost task is to make peace with Eritrea, but, how are Abiy and his main followers who are religious to live in peace by making peace with Isaias Afeworki while ignoring the plea of Eritrean refugees living in Ethiopia? Can Ethiopia really have peace if there is no peace in Eritrea?

የቦምቡ ነገር !
selamwerq huluager 08-18-18

Ambassador Taye Atske-Selassie to represent Ethiopia in the United Nations
The ambassador has concluded 18 months of ambassadorship in Egypt, and will be flying to New York to represent Ethiopia in the United Nations, he said in a press conference.

Engineer Semegnew Fund
The Water Irrigation and Electric Ministry has established an Engineer Semegew Fund to help Engineer Semegnew family and carry on his dreams by giving a scholarship to selected students.

እንዴት የለም ትላላችሁ!
አባ መላኩ 08-18-18

Ethiopians are going wild for Abiy Ahmed
The Economist: "But there are signs that Mr Abiy’s honeymoon is ending. At the rally in June an attempt was made on his life. This month federal troops clashed with local security forces in Ethiopia’s Somali region, triggering tit-for-tat killings and displacing thousands. Graffiti reading..."

ውዲት ኣብይ ኣህመድን መሻርኽቱን ኣብ ልዕሊ ወያናይ ሓይሊ
ዋካ ብርሃነ ሑመራ, ትግራይ 10/12/ 2010 ዓ/ም

Dr. Debretsion Tigrai Deputy President gave an extended interview with reporters on current local and national issues. This is the Amharic version! Aug 2018

Jawar Mohammed is a big fat liar.
Haile Tessema, Aug. 14, 2018 - It will take a psychic of the highest caliber to know where Jawar politically stands and what his real end goal is. It’s to be recalled that Jawar first appeared in the public arena as a young “brilliant analyst” of Ethiopian politics, and soon became the darling of Ethiopian opposition and the media in the diaspora.

Open letter to the Attorney General of Ethiopia
M Gettaw, July 16, 2018 It is my belief that the constitutional order of the country is being violated by the unholy coalition of certain political players in Ethiopia. There is brazen attack and violence on the constitutional rights of individuals and groups. This violence is being fueled by people and media from both inside and outside of the country.

Where Are We Headed?
Yene Gasha 08-14-18 - Most Ethiopians (excluding the corrupt few) were truly happy to hear Prime Minster Abiy’s message of unity and patriotism. Regrettably, a once promising premiership appears to be headed towards a major disappointment, unless there is an immediate course correction.

Increased lawlessness:The Shashemene Incident and a disillusioned citizenry
Zekarias Ezra 08-14-18 Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos. Will - Ethiopia is not in danger of civil war or rebel violence yet, but surely it risks sliding into a political crisis that could eventually threaten the country’s existence as a nation. This is not mere conjecture. With what we have been seeing these past few years and even this past month, Ethiopia faces the gradual fraying

Lemma and his security apparatus leaders have to stepdown
M Gettaw, Aug 13, 2018 - Recent violent events are manifestations of the inherent characteristics of the coalition of current political players in Ethiopia. In the name of ‘medemer’ unholy alliances among violent groups is giving energy and fuel to violence and hate. It is very sad and barbaric to see a citizen of Ethiopia crucified in the middle of the day...

The Need for Agricultural Transformation in Tigray Paper presented at the Grand Conference in Meqelle
Aseffa Abreha (PhD) August 13 2018 - The terms Agricultural Transformation, Land Restoration, Poverty Reduction and Food Security are hugely important and inter-related. I will not go into dealing with them in detail; I think others will do that. Oxford dictionary defines transformation as marked change in form, nature or appearance. Generally speaking, when a country...

Hedase Dam Construction is Going Strong without Disruption
GCAO Aug 13, 2018 - Thank you for this wonderful news GCAO. Almost all who requested us for an update about the progress of the dam were worried the Dam construction may have been slowed or stopped due to the killing/death of its iconic Engineer Semegnew Bekele. The Abiy government must rally all Ethiopians to finish this project! Failure cannot be an option for any sane politician with this project!

ሕገ መንግስትና ጥሰተቹ
Ahferom Nigus August 13, 2018

Let me thank you Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr.Abiy Ahmed.
Luel Gebremedhin (USA) August 12 2018 - The above phrase is not mine. I was not such an intelligent person to understand the power of love. Truly speaking,I’m still way behind to practice it practically. However, l have the man who understood the power of love passionately and that is...

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

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