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Ben's Point of View: Aug 10th, 2016


Myth and Reality - Poem
G. E. Gorfu 08-10-16



Land of Origins


Ethiopia: "Land of Origins" - July 2016


News, Analysis & Articles
EU Statement by the Spokesperson on the recent violent clashes in Ethiopia
"Violence in the Oromia and Amhara regions of Ethiopia, including reports of killings of protesters as well as of members of the security forces, is deeply worrying.The Federal Ethiopian constitution offers mechanisms which should be used by all sides to address the grievances...

Egyptian Journalists Commending on GERD Transparency, Responsibility
Toumelisan G/Wold 08-11-16

On Correct Understanding and Handling of Contradictions – A Perspective on Current Ethiopian Politics
Makonnen Tesfaye, 10 August 2016 - The current political landscape in Ethiopia needs to be understood, firstly, as manifestations of underlying fundamental contradictions between the democratic federal polity on the one hand and big nation chauvinism and narrow nationalism;

Ethiopia must allow in observers after killings: U.N. rights boss
The U.N. human rights chief urged Ethiopia on Wednesday to allow international observers into restive regions where residents and opposition officials say 90 protesters were shot dead by security forces at the weekend...[The government should not have any issue to allow the UN to check for themselves. The UN should not have a hard time to realize the many security officials killed and the many people uprooted by the rioters!]

የፖለቲካ ኤሊኖ በኢህአዴግ
ሰላም ወርቅ ሁላገር 08-08-16(Must Read by Reader's Choice!)

Exhibits of the Hijack of ANDM by Rotten Neftegnas Really? Or Shabiya errand boy in Mekele!
Wondwossen Tadesse 08-10-16 Oakland

Gebeya officially launches cutting edge IT Academy in Addis Ababa
( August 09, 2016 Gebeya is launching a unique and highly competitive IT Academy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Gebeya IT Academy is NOW accepting applicants for the September intake.Gebeya’s IT Academy aims to train software development engineers ...

Shaibya and Ethiopian extremists are now working hand in glove to undo Ethiopia's Progress!

  Demonstrator Rant
("one religion, one people" says the ranter. Little wonder why the extremists from the Wahhabist side were not present!)

Every one should work for peace …!
Tesfaye Lamma 08/10/16

The terrorist activities of the rogue state in Eritrea
Gemechu Tussa 08/10/16

Lessons from Canada in Quelling Violence
Tesfai Hailu August 09, 2016 - In 1970, Canada “plunged into its worst crisis since the Second World War” in what eventually became known as the October Crisis. A provincial cabinet minister from Quebec was kidnapped and murdered, while a British diplomat was also kidnapped, later released, by a radical separatist group...

እስቲ ይጠየቁልኝ፤
ዘፅአት- ከመቐለ 08-09-16

One more Futile Exercise to Sandwich the People of Tigrai
Gebremedhin Gebru August 09, 2016

Ethiopia is overdoing its stadium-building
BROKEN windows; fraying nets; chairs with missing legs: the Yidnekachew Tessema Stadium in Addis Ababa has seen better days. Rehabilitated by Emperor Haile Selassie after his return from exile in 1941, it was once a proud monument to Ethiopia’s restored independence following five years of Italian occupation ...

Statement by the U.S. Embassy
Addis Ababa, August 8, 2016: The U.S. Embassy is deeply concerned with the extensive violence that occurred during protests across Ethiopia this weekend in the Oromia and Amhara regions. We have noted reports that protestors and security officials have been injured or killed, although confirmed numbers are not available.

Exhibits of the Hijack of ANDM by Rotten Neftegnas
D. Tarekegne 08/07/2016 Mekelle Ethiopia - Droughts have been used by past regimes of Ethiopia – the creators and guardians of unimaginable misery – as weapons to subdue and exploit the nations, nationalities, and peoples of the Country. TPLF – the sole architect that has dislodged the creators and guardians of unimaginable misery into the dustbin of history with untold ...

Never allow ESAT's 'Breaking News' to break your love for Ethiopia
Dilwenberu Nega 8/8/2016 - When the dust settles, and settle it will, Shabia-funded ESAT will come to rue the day it chose to implement Eritrea’s master plan of turning Gondar into Aleppo.

The past ups-downs, and the current success of genuine reforms of Ethiopia Somali regional state
Abdirizak Ahmed (codyare) 08-08-16

God Forbid, Imagine Destabilized Ethiopia
Mohamud Aden Samatar 08-07-16 - Ethiopia is multi ethnic nation, to name a few Afar, Amhara, Gurage, Oromo, Somali and Tigre. From emperor Menelik up until Derg led by Mangistu Haile Mariam, Ethiopia was ruled by a single Ethnic group...

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