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(Amanuel Gebretinsae Aug 07, 2015)
Thanks Amanuel, we really appreciate for articulating your stand on the political themes of Dawit's interview. We can only wish there was someone like you who could articulate and address the investment issues Dawit mentioned. To be honest with you, Dawit's interview precipitated because of Investment issues - perceived or otherwise! Aside from Effort's investment companies there are not that many other companies that invested in Tigrai and people want to know why? People want to know if Effort can be involved in NGO work why can't Dawit be involved? People want to know though there has been progress over the years can this progress continue and be scaled? Do we have people in place to lead the progress..many think this is a problem right now given the mentality of office holders to investors. Thank You. Aigaforum Aug 2015



It isn’t about David vs Goliath: The Human quest is to Challenge

Haile Selassie Zefertsion 08-14-15


Part II

Part I


Hanna Petros Testimony: Victim of torture & former conscript of indefinite 'National Service'



Goytom Interview
Ato Goytom is from Trade and Investment Office in Mekelle- He sat with Gebre Tesfay to update us on current Investment climate and challenges in Tigrai -- Aigaforum Aug 08 2015


News, Analysis & Articles

Meles parks and Biodiversity conservation
Fisseha Asmelash Aug 2015 - Three years back, following the News of Meles’ death, the whole country seemed to be at a state of halt. Tens of Millions of Ethiopians went through a genuine sorrow. Global leaders like President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameroon were among the first to pay tribute. A ten day national mourning was declared by the government...

S.Sudan govt suspends peace talks despite sanctions threat
Juba (AFP) - South Sudan's government said Friday it was pulling out of peace talks to end a 20-month long civil war after rebel forces split despite international threats of sanctions...This is bad for South Sudan and the region in general. The region needs peace more than ever! Those with power to influence must do all they can to stop this conflict from engulfing the region. Certainly Ethiopia must play its role of safeguarding the peace now!

'Mobilising Ethiopian Diaspora Capital and Knowledge Networks for Economic Growth and Transformation'
Makonnen Tesfaye, London, UK 08-13-15
Given the short notice given to Ethiopian Diaspora Members to join this year's Diaspora Day Festival in Addis, we are not sure how many are attending and how well the event is organized. In case there is a panel discussion, the above article covers a major findings of Ethiopian Diaspora study and may help to enrich the panel discussion(s)...

Tigray, the 12th TPLF Congress and Beyond: Transcending the existing discourses
Meressa Tsehaye Aug 14,2015

A Week in the Horn Aug 14, 2015
MoFA August 14,2015 ....
Ethiopia's smoking ban is actually working
Mekelle (Ethiopia) (AFP) - The bars and cafes are full and lively in the northern Ethiopian town of Mekelle -- but they are no longer smoke-filled, with the strict implementation of a smoking ban in public places.

Stowaway survives flight from Ethiopia, seeks asylum in Sweden
Stockholm (dpa) - A stowaway on a plane from Ethiopia survived the eight-hour journey in the cargo hold, where he was discovered on Friday, police said."He had a badge that showed he was an airport employee, which could explain how he managed to get onboard,"

ማን ቢሞት ደስ ይለኛል? ....(በከበዯ ካሳ)08-14-15

The Swedish Ikea stabbing suspects are asylum seekers from Eritrea
Swedish police say the two men suspected of fatally stabbing two people yesterday (Aug.10) at an Ikea store near Stockholm are immigrant asylum seekers from Eritrea...

የሜጋ ፕሮጀክቶቻችን ውጥኖች....ሰይፉ ታረቀኝ 08-14-15

የህዳሴው ፈር ቀዳጅ … ....ውበት ኃብተየስ(ውኃ) 08-14-15

Good Governance and Initiatives in Tigray
Berhe Hagos, Sweden 08-13-14 - Let me start by thanking Aigaforum for opening the forum to discuss different opinions regarding the general development in Tigray...

Gillgel Gibe's success underscores Ethiopia's stride
Goitom Abrha 08-12-15)The Gillgel Gibe III hydropower project, which is 98% complete now, has now became operational in a trial phase after three of its turbines are installed and the dam stored enough water to generate power.

Linking US-based investors with opportunities in Ethiopia
American impact investment advisory firm Renew is hoping to solve financing constraints SMEs in Ethiopia face by linking them with US-based investors. The firm works with a network of angel investors who are eager to make not just financial returns, but also have a social and environmental impact...

ዓወታትና ዉፅኢት ጉባኤታትና 2ይ ክፋል    .....ብኣለም ግርማይ 08-13-15

An outsider’s Observation On Ato Dawit and other Investors in Tigray
Kelemu Smeneh August 12, 2015

Reply and Commentary on 'Kuhalo ya Mesilen Menqoro' Based on Dawit Interview
Belachew Admasu 08-12-15 Tigray, an absolute of recitation with its natives of mosaic, the back-bone of Abyssinian history and the centre-point of Ethiopian civilization. Leadership is important for modern civilization

Climate Prediction Center’s Africa Hazards Outlook August 13 – 19, 2015
A delayed onset and general lack of rainfall has resulted in abnormal dryness across parts of central and eastern Sudan, northern Ethiopia, and southern Eritrea.

Commemorating PM Melese’s Extraordinary Legacy
Zewdineh Bishaw 08-12-15

Top 10: Africa's most prosperous countries
(CNN)What is Africa's most prosperous country?According to new research from the Legatum Institute, which last week ranked prosperity in 38 African countries around criteria ranging from economics to education to health...

Reflecting on Ethiopia’s Engagement in Somalia’!
Gebre Selassie Araya Aug 10, 2015 - Scholars studying conflict agree that internal conflicts have different categories based on their causes and dimensions. These categories include conflicts triggered by ‘bad domestic problems’,

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Ethio-Eritrea Relationship- Ambassadors of the Ethiopian and Eritrean People. TV Tigrai Aug 2015


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