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PM Meles will be burried on SEP 2, 2012 (Nehase 27, 2004) For more visit MOFA  |  BreakNews|   MFA|   Capital|   Fortune|   BBC|   Walta|   ENA|   Reporter|   TigraionlineDagmawi|     VOA Fana  |    Dwoyane | Zefen|   TDANA
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Our goal while on this earth is to transcend our illusions and discover the innate power of our spirit. We are responsible for what we create, and we must therefore learn to act and think with love and wisdom and live in service to others and all life. by Caroline Myss

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(poem on PM Meles death)
(poem on PM Meles death)
Eulogy to Prime Minister Meles
(poem on PM Meles death)
Say what Tigray?
(poem on PM Meles death)
Who called You!
(poem on PM Meles death)

We are sure millions more would have given a year of their life, if they could, to extend Meles's life...Thanks Tewelde!

(poem on our martyrs)

Do not tell me he is dead?
(poem on PM Meles death)

What is the Hurry?
(poem on PM Meles death)

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To All: If you are planning to attend PM Funeral and need assistance in air ticket reservation and other logistics and you live in North America, pls call 202-569-4091 or 202-262-6720.

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Rwanda: Kagame Honors Ethiopia's Late PM With One-Minute Silence
President Kagame on Thursday asked all people attending a major function in Kigali to stand up for a one-minute moment of silence in honor of former Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who died on Tuesday Sounding emotional, President Kagame said a moment of silence would be observed as a gesture of solidarity with the Ethiopian people. Premier Zenawi was not a leader for Ethiopia alone, but an eminent leader for the entire African continent, said Kagame.

A Nation Mourning – Celebrating a Life of a Visionary Leader
Kelemu Smeneh August 23, 2012-I didn’t always have a soft side for Meles Zenawi, the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia. I have criticized him when I thought his, what I thought at that time, excessive focus on ethnic issues were wrong. Then, I thought that his approach would weaken Ethiopia. But history proved me wrong.


Statement by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on the Death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Foreign Policy: The Meles Zenawi I Knew
Barry Malone lived in Ethiopia for almost five years and was Reuters correspondent there until November 2010.
Meles was not your typical one-dimensional African strongman — a term often applied to him by the Western media but one that seemed somehow lazily old-fashioned and patronizing, jarring uncomfortably with his bookish demeanour. Meles came to power as one of a group of men who led a rebel coalition that overthrew brutish communist dictator, Mengistu Haile Mariam...Unlike the pin head at CNN "outfront" people who knew PM Meles indeed have high regard to what he has accomplished!

Remembering Meles Zenawi
Ghelawdewos Araia - As the maxim goes, with all the best intentions in the world some sorrow remains, and there is no doubt that the family and extended family of Meles Zenawi are in deep sorrow for his untimely departure. Before I delve into the remembrance notes I like to extend my condolences to Azieb (Gola) Mesfin and his children. I have known Meles Zenawi at Addis Ababa University ...

Expression of Deep Condolences to the Nation
It is with great sadness that the Forum of Federations(Ethiopia Country Office) marks the passing of H.E. Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia(1995-2012).

Ethiopia: Parliament session on Meles succession delayed
A special session of Ethiopia's parliament arranged in order to endorse the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's successor has been postponed.

Death of A genius
Paulos Yrgaw--They say, there are no roads, roads are made by walking. In an otherwise turbid and murky terrain where the overlooking horizon was imbued with uncertainty, a courageous and resolute soul ...

Meles the Lion

Daniel Gizaw The metaphor, lion, doesn’t fully reveal the unfathomable depth and the iron will Mr. Meles was possessed. For Ethiopia, after the murderous carnage conducted by the brutal leader named Mengistu...

Meles Zenawi and Ethiopia’s Grand Experiment

By ABDUL MOHAMMED and ALEX DE WAAL-The death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi deprives Ethiopia — and Africa as a whole — of an exceptional leader. We both knew him from his days as a guerrilla in the mountains of Tigray...

Zenawi: The titan who changed Africa
At 23:40 local time, the Ethiopian prime minister was declared dead, the consequences of a mysterious infection that had international policymakers and Ethiopian citizens concerned about his health for weeks. Meles rapidly became an international statesman: He was hailed by Bill Clinton as the prime exponent of "Africa's new generation of leaders" in 1998; he sat on Tony Blair's Commission for Africa in 2004-2005 ...

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ETV News(Amharic)

Mark Your Calendar
Memorial Service for PM Meles in Worthington Minnesota
SunDay 26, 2012
Worthington, MN 56187 AT 3:00PM

All Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians who lives in Guthenberg, Sweden are invited to candle light service and to experess our condelences to the people of Ethiopia and to the family of our beloved prime minister Meles Zenawi.
Date the 25 th August Time 12:30
Address: fågeln fritdsgården i Frölunda torg.
coordinating committee

Consulate General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Los Angeles, expresses its deepest sorrow on the tragic death of H.E. Ato Meles Zenawi
A book of condolence for Ethiopian Diaspora will be opened at the Consulate General Ethiopia on Saturday August 25th through Wednesday August 29th 2012 from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM.
Address:- 3460 Wilshire Blvd., Suite#308

Memorial Service Minnesota!
We ask that you join us in memory of our respected and honorable leader Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.
Date: Sunday August 26th at 3pm
Laos Community Center Address: 320 University Avenue West, Saint Paul, MN 55103

Memorial Service Melbourne Australia!
We ask that you join us in memory of our respected and honorable leader Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.
Date: Saturday August 25, 2012

Memorial Service In Bay Area, CA!
We ask that you join us at a church service and a vigil light ceremony in memory of our respected and honorable leader Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.
Date: Saturday August 25, 2012

Memorial Service In Seattle!
ቀኑ እሁድ ኦገስት 26 2012 (Sunday Aug 26, 2012)
ቦታውም ኪንግስ ሆል በመባል የሚታወቀው ሲሆን አድራሻው ደግሞ፦
2929 27ተኛው ፡ አቬኒው፡ ሳውዝ ፧ (2929 27th Ave. S. Seattle, WA. 98144)
ሲያትል፣ ዋሽንግተን 98144 ነው።
ሰአቱ ከቀኑ 2:00 ሰአት እስከ 6:00 ሰአት ነው (2:00 PM - 6:00 PM)
የዝግጅቱ አስተባባሪ ኮሚቴ

The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in London, with deep sorrow, informs the Ethiopian Diaspora of the tragic death, on Monday 20th August 2012, of H.E. Ato Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
A book of condolence will be opened at the Embassy (17 Princes Gate, London, SW7 1PZ) on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Boston Memorial Service scheduled to express our condolences to the people of Ethiopia and the Family of our beloved leader.
Date & Time: Sunday August 26th
starting 2:00 pm;
Place: 830 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02118
Coordinating Committee

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