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Made in Ethiopia products entered the Finnish market.

The patented made in Ethiopian products were promoted in Finland, since early January 2011. The first of its kind Ethiopian Yirgachefe coffee, Gumaro tea and various types of organic honey were displayed and attracted many buyers throughout Finland. The Honorary Consulate of Ethiopia in Finland, Mr.Elias Saboure, represented Ethiopia on the International trade fair, which was held in Helsinki in January and March 2011.
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Current Events
TsaEram Hizbina, Kulusha TeAwatay!,Heartwarming Story!!

Tsehaye Debalkew, Host of Selam Radio in DC, Interview with Ato Zemedeneh Negatu, CEO of Ernest and Young International Business Consultancy Firm Ethiopia on the state of contemporary Ethiopian Economy

  Part1     Part2         Part3

Solomon exposes’ the few extremist left in Diaspora latest fiasco. The extremists fall down to the abyss has been painfully slow but they have reached the bottom of the abyss atlast!... listen!

  Solomon Tekalign on current events in Diaspora!
(source civility paltalk room)

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From the newly instituted Diaspora office, Mekelle-Tgirai, Ethiopia.

Diaspora on Development

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Analysis: After Libya, eyes turn to Syrian revolt
BEIRUT (Reuters)" - The downfall of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is likely to pave the way for increased Western attention to Syria and embolden protests against President Bashar al-Assad. The implosion of Gaddafi's rule after six months of civil war in which the rebels benefited from sanctions on Gaddafi, a no-fly zone and NATO air strikes may have implications for Syri's six-month-old revolt and Assad's efforts to crush it....

Obama travels from Chicago to Ethiopia with vacation reading list
President Barack Obama plans to do a little reading on his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard,...the president also brought three books with him for his 10-day vacation: “Cutting for Stone,” a novel by Abraham Verghese set in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ...

Berhane Kahsay Aug 21 2011-- The President of Eritrea, Esayas Afwerki, is at it again. In his recent visit to Uganda, he denied supporting the terrorist outfit Al-Shebab that is linked to Al-Qaida. On the 29th of July, the UN Security Council heard 417 pages report compiled by the UN Monitoring Group, detailing how Eritrea has been engaged in training...

Eritrea’s Publicity Stunts aren’t overtures for peace
Whatever Eritrea is currently saying about its behavior, real or intended, it is certainly clear enough from the intemperate and extravagant letter sent by President Isaias to Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon on the 31st of July 2011 that dialogue with Ethiopia is not meant to be on the menu..
The UN Monitoring Group Report; Eritrea’s EOD in Somalia and Uganda
Last week, we looked at some of the detail of the UN Monitoring Report’s evidence of Eritrea’s support for terrorism. This week, we will concentrate on the evidence in the report about Eritrea’s support for Al-Shabaab and other extremist groups in Somalia and for the terrorist activities that Al-Shabaab have carried out against AMISOM and, of course, in Uganda, last July.
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Genenew Assefa Aug 20, 2011- Dr. Messay Kebede has suddenly turned into a man with a scary vision, bordering, as it were, on the nightmare. Alone he sees a specter haunting Ethiopia in the guise of a tense political stalemate....
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Eritrean leader denies support for al Shabaab
KAMPALA, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, accused by the West of supporting Somalia's Islamist rebellion, denied on Thursday that his country backed the al Qaeda-affiliated group which has been waging a four-year insurgency in Somalia. Museveni, said"The bombing here was done by al Shabaab but the issue here is that al Shabaab is not supported by Eritrea, that's what Isaias told me and I accept it because he's an honorable comrade, he's not somebody who has walked out of the slums."
"BBC- HAVE YOUR SAY" program, on which Yemane Gebre-Ab is grilled by the journalist and listners...  BBC with Yemane Gebre-Ab

...yeah, who could miss the comradeship, both leaders see multi party system and election as a joke! Museveni is on the record saying every Ugandan is a party to himself to undermine multiparty system! On a serious note, what is Museveni saying...that the UN monitoring report is flawed and the bombing in Kampala over a year or so ago was not planned in Eritrea?

Sources of Inflation and Economic Growth in Ethiopia: Descriptive Analysis Part I
By Teshome A. (PhD) August 10, 2011- Currently the objective of any developing country is to achieve sustainable economic development. Economic development refers to multidimensional process of reorientation and reorganization of the entire economic system in the country. To realize economic development the country must achieve continuous economic growth...

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2011 TDA Europe Festival, at Stockholm Aug 26 and 27!

Washington DC Ashenda Party!!!!!

Los Angeles for Hedase Dam!!!

Las Vegas for Hedase Dam!!!

ADA-UK annual fundraising event will be held on the 28th of Aug 2011 at the Ethiopian Embassy, London

Bay Area Ashenda Party!!!!!

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