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    Calls for tougher Eritrea 'terror' sanctions at UN
    UNITED NATIONS — Ethiopia and Djibouti are leading East African nations pressing the UN Security Council to step up sanctions on Eritrea over terror accusations, diplomats said. Pressure for action has mounted since a UN monitoring group said last month that the Eritrean government was behind planned bomb attacks in the Ethiopian capital during an African Union summit in January. "If the Security Council is serious about fighting terrorism, then we should expect it to discourage Eritrea from taking its dangerous positions," Ethiopia's Ambassador to the United Nations Tekeda Alemu told AFP

    Susan Rice (USA) on Somalia and Syria and Eritrea - Security Council Media Stakeout 10 August 2011.
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"Ethiopia's Safety Net Program for Drought Prone Regions"

A-five-day long dual event of the annual Tigray Festival and 37th anniversary of UTNA colorfully celebrated in DC.
Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, August 7, 2011- In what could be dubbed as the most participatory and exceptionally engaging event ever, "Festival Tigray 2011", stud with multi-tailored informative, exhilarating, and fascinating activities, attracting an all time record high number of attendees climaxed by a cultural extravaganza and an extraordinary musical and dance show on Saturday night at the Double Tree Hotel in Crystal City Alexandria Virginia, wound up today.

Listen to VOA Tigrigna  coverage here

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From the newly instituted Diaspora office, Mekelle-Tgirai, Ethiopia.

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Sources of Inflation and Economic Growth in Ethiopia: Descriptive Analysis Part I
By Teshome A. (PhD) August 10, 2011- Currently the objective of any developing country is to achieve sustainable economic development. Economic development refers to multidimensional process of reorientation and reorganization of the entire economic system in the country. To realize economic development the country must achieve continuous economic growth

Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, August 10, 2011 - One can surmise and indeed succinctly argue that today, the single most, cardinal issue that has captured unanimity in its entirety by summoning onboard Africa, and indeed the world at large, a rare commodity in the global political and diplomatic market...

Population Pressure and Regional Development Disparities in Ethiopia: Case of Southern Region
Tsegaye Tegenu August 8, 2011- Regional development in Ethiopia is not uniform. There are differences in agro-ecological factors (such as rainfall amount, soil quality, topography and altitude), demographic factors(population density, level of urbanization, reproductive behavior of the households, etc.),....

Employer as the Last Resort (ELR)-Led Environmentally Sustainable Development for Full employment in Rural and Urban Ethiopia: A Working Paper
Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D. August 7, 2011 - Over the last five decades, either fully convinced that they will work or in order to secure help from funding agencies, the Ethiopian political environment has been pursuing various externally designed economic paradigms....

BBC News Night’s reportage: a Party Political Broadcast
on behalf of HRW

Dilwenberu Nega 6th August 2011 - Two wrongs do not make a right whether you live in Birmingham England or in Birmingham Alabama, but not so in BBC-ville – supposedly home to a cut above the rest investigative journalism.Ten months ago to the day, on November 4th 2010, the BBC issued an apology to Sir Bob Geldof for insinuating that Ethiopia’s ...

Berhane Kahsay Aug 6, 2011 - The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has done it again. BBC 2 aired a program on Thursday, 4 August, 2011, accusing the government of Ethiopia of gross ‘human rights abuse’. Not a shred of corroborating evidence was submitted to substantiate these outlandish allegations...

Ethiopia amends regulation of foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin, reduces service fees
Addis Ababa, August 3 (WIC) – An amendment to the Council of Ministers regulation providing foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin with certain rights and privileges reduced service fees for Identification cards.

5th August 2011, LONDON- Last night, (4th August), BBC Newsnight broadcast a 17-minute film making allegations of human rights abuses against the Ethiopian government. The timing of this report is guaranteed to inflict maximum damage on those who are suffering from the worst drought for sixty years in our region. It was difficult to respond to allegations in the few minutes given...

Press release N. 85/2011

Addis Ababa, 5 August 2011 – As part of the African Union’s (AU) efforts to assist the victims of the famine in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, the AU Commission has opened a bank account to receive donations from African Governments, private sector and ordinary African citizens. The bank details are as follows:

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Community Control of Trypanosomosis in Ethiopia

Diaspora on Development

Las Vegas for Hedase Dam!!!

Bay Area Ashenda Party!!!!!

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