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Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s press briefing

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s press briefing on current issues to local journalists (English, Amharic)

Ethiopia eyes end of food aid within five years: PM

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia may not need any food aid within five years thanks to an ambitious development plan that targets a heady average economic growth of 14.9 percent over the period, its prime minister said Wednesday.
"In the future, we will feed ourselves and we will be able to manage our own forms of social security," Prime Minister Meles Zenawi told reporters. "I don't think that is impossible. I think it's quite achievable over the next five years."

Comment:- With a stable, farsighted government that got an overwhelming support during the last national election Ethiopia should be able to achieve such ambitious goal. All it takes is determination! And thanks to the gallant fighters who fought and won against the Derge regime, Ethiopians know what tenacity and determination are all about!
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Current Events

Commentary by Nugussie Weldemariam of Hager Fikir Radio On the peaceful demonstration



Have Your Say!

On the Peaceful Demonstration and Extremists kneejerk reaction of burning Chinese flag!
Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia residing in Washington metro area held a huge rally in support of Ethiopia’s quest to use the Nile River and its fight against terrorism On August 5, 2010. The rally organized by an adhoc committee hand delivered a letter to Secretary Hilary Clinton asking her to keep the warm mutual relationship between Ethiopia and the United States... Meantime, the few extremists alarmed by the awakening of the silent majority had a kneejerk reaction to the peaceful demonstration and did unimaginable thing! They burn Chinese flag ... more

Thought for Today.

When we are phony, pretentious, or cynical in order to achieve interpersonal or material gain, we diminish ourselves and disrespect others. The extent to which we have positive regard and respect for ourselves and others determines how successfully we achieve congruity among all aspects of our character. It becomes necessary in this process of congruity, to demonstrate the self-regard that is true to who we are, and as we do this, we are unwilling to compromise our integrity in order to satisfy the expectations of others or win their approval. We know our behavior is authentic when we can consistently say what we mean, do what we say, and say what is so when it is so. We can check ourselves by asking whether our motivation, speech, appearance, and actions match our true character in all the varied aspects of our lives -- relationships, work, and community. When our words, actions, and behaviors are in harmony, wisdom and authenticity emerge. by Angeles Arrien

Ethiopia, a tiger economy of the african continent (exclusive)

News & Analysis

'Lucy' species used stone tools, fossil study says

NEW YORK — Two ancient animal bones from Ethiopia show signs of butchering by human ancestors, moving back the earliest evidence for the use of stone tools ...the bones appear to have been cut and smashed some 3.4 milion years ago says researcher Zeresenay Alemseged.

UN Agency Welcomes Ethiopian Policy to Allow Eritrean Refugees to Live Outside Camps
Ethiopia has recently decided to take a new approach to Eritrean refugees by allowing them to live outside camps, a move welcomed by the United Nations refugee agency.

Ethiopian, US Export-Import Bank sign 1.6 USD bln
Addis Ababa, August 10 (WIC) - Ethiopian Airlines and the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) of the United States have signed an agreement worth over 1.6 billion USD to support the financing of five B777-200LR and ten B787-8 aircraft and General Electric spare engines.

Ethiopians urge US to play major role to resolve Nile water controversy
August 9, 2010 (ADDIS ABABA) – Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans living in Washington DC urged the U.S. government to play a significant role in bringing a lasting solution to the calls for equitable utilization of the Nile River waters among riparian states.

Minneapolis Conference Communiqué
For immediate release:

Somali Regional State Diaspora in Minnesota, USA, and Somali Regional State Government delegation led by His Honorable Abdifitah Sheik Abdullahi, the Chairman of Ethiopian Somali People’s Democratic Party (ESPDP), held a historic meeting today (08/08/2010) in Minneapolis to renew their commitment to the peace and development of Somali Regional State of Ethiopia.


Mark Your Calendar

Ashenda Party Invitation

August 28, 2010 2500 Masonic Dr San Jose!!

TDA DC chapter calls all members and supporters of TDA for a public meeting with Ambassador Tewolde Gebru, director of TDA international

Saturday August 14
Time..... 3.00 PM
Place: Ethiopian Embassy 3605 International Dr. NW Washington, DC 20010

Ambassador Tewolde will inform TDA's overall acomplishments and present a video show.

Ethiopian New Year's Eve 2003

(Hosted by UTNA Bay Area)

2010 Tigray Festival Europe!!!

London August 27 to 28

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