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Weather Map for Ethiopia

Somalia: The US, the EU and Eritrea

On Tuesday, United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, arrived in Kenya on the first leg of an eleven day African tour taking her to South Africa, Angola and the DRC as well as Liberia and Cape Verde. Secretary Clinton is not going to Somalia but yesterday she met with President Sheikh Sharif of Somalia in Nairobi. Secretary Clinton took the opportunity to emphasize that the US would expand its support... In a joint press conference with President Sheikh Sharif after their meeting, Secretary Clinton took the opportunity to warn that Eritrea's actions in support of the Somali opposition were now unacceptable
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Clinton threatens Eritrea action

(BBC):- US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned that the US will "take action" against Eritrea if it does not stop supporting militants in Somalia. She said after talks with Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, that Eritrea's actions were "unacceptable".
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Current Events

Dear All,

We are truly indebted to all our readers and partners who are and willing to face whatever fate brings them to call a spade a spade! The other day we were alerted some of our nemesis were dirtying our name! We put a quick disclaimer and moved on. We again categorically deny what is attributed to us! But when you speak the truth and do what is right people notice and one of our resourceful contributor alerted us to the following website the despicable used to defame our image!

The good thing about the internet is it is well designed to serve the public in every aspect! Criminals may think they can hide but not for long. It is true the internet is a jungle but when you have the public on your side it does not matter. Thank you reader for the exposé!
For those who we thought were friends but used this opportunity to defame us we have nothing to say but...AnteM Brutus (you also Brutus!-"et tu brute")

Professor Mesfin still battling with UDJ's strong men


The fabrication of Yilma Bekele: Things must be very bad for the Yilma’s.

Over the years we have seen many blogs that cater to Ethiopians come and go. Some seem to have learned a lesson that Ethiopia was not a weak nation that could be swayed or influenced by innuendos and "bere welde" stories written in the internet. Even if the whole Google repository is filled with all kind of manufactured negative news about Ethiopia, it will not affect it. That was what the most vicious lady blogger during 2005 realized and left never to return.

But, lessons are not learned yet for some new kids in the block. Take for example a certain Yilma Bekele article that appeared on abbay media and ethio forum websites about Aigaforum. For the record Aigaforum did not write or post the comments attributed to us in the article! Yilma must be idle or hurt by the ongoing saga with UDJ! Else what was he smoking when he wrote such white lie about Aigaforum? Shame to those websites who posted the article without checking! The two websites could not even agree how to present the article to their readers. One is trying to cheat readers to make it more believable!

We at Aigaforum know we have been a thorn in the flesh for extremists. We run the forum voluntarily and in our spare time. If the extremist are this sensitive about our limited effort we wonder what we could have done have we spent full time like them on developing and managing our website. What we want to do is to simply bring the other side of the story, the positive side, about our Ethiopia!

Yilma, ethio forum and abbay media you are wrong! When we want to say something we do not hide or speak /write in “qene” we are straight. Next time quote us properly! And we ask you to apologize to your readers for misinforming them.

Note: About the picture, we think the Yilma's may have become idle due to the fact that PM Meles Zenawi led Ethiopia has become a powerful nation and an advocate for the poor. And we thought the picture may tell the other side of the story better than our broken english!(with smile!)
...[Aigaforum 08/05/09]

Ethiopia’s Response to
the U.S. State Department Report
on the Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia
part 1    part 2    part 3

Betere Seltan from VOA Tigrigna interview with Dr Teodros Taddese from TDA US and Ato Solomon Assefa from TDA Europe on the coming 20th anniversary of TDA and more…  interview

News & Analysis


Kenya revealed on Friday that it had deported an Eritrean diplomat “for security reasons” hours before the country’s Foreign Minister made an abrupt visit to Nairobi seeking audience with President Kibaki.
The diplomat is the second Eritrean to be expelled from Kenya in as many months on grounds of “security” — which is diplomatic speak for involvement in activities that undermine the host country. He was described as a businessman.

Comment: - HEGDEF (Eritrean government) operation in Nairobi heavily depends on the OLF! It is well known to many they play all their games using the OLF from Nairobi! Even their lobby registration under OLF (I) and (II) is from Nairobi!

The proof is in the pudding

Seble Solomon 08/05/09:- Engineer Hailu Shawel has become very silent. It is now clear why he refused to accept the vote of the residents of Addis Ababa. He refused to take his seat to administer the capital city when the great majority of them voted for him...

ETC nets 2.4 bln birr last budget year
Addis Ababa, August 6 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC) announced that it obtained 2.4 billion birr profit during the past budget year.

MEDREK and VOA: Siye and Peaceful Struggle!
August 04 2009 (Aigaforum):- The new MEDREK philosophy was very well articulated by Siye Abraha during VOA Amharic interview (dated 8/2/ and 8/3). It seems to hinge its fate in soliciting the international community to pressure EPRDF. It also anticipates inducing peaceful disobedience to remove EPRDF from power. Unfortunately, for Andy and Berhanu of girigir 7 a.k.a ginbot 7, such stand of MEDREK is becoming a problem for their strategy.

The Conveyor Belt of Death in Eritrea
Yosief Ghebrehiwet (Delina):- One bloody day, more than 50 young men get massacred at Adi-Abeyto; another bloody day, more than 160 get massacred in a similar fashion at Wia’; another dark day, 28 Kunamas get poisoned and mass buried at Mai Dima; another shameful day, many youngsters are led to Ghirmaika and....

Cactus commerce boosts Morocco

The cactus, previously eaten as a fruit or used for animal feed, is creating a minor economic miracle in the region thanks to new health and cosmetic products being extracted from the ubiquitous plant.

Light at the end of the tunnel!!

Aug 02 2009-(Aigaforum):- The last few months have been hard on all Ethiopians. The shortage of power has affected the economy badly. With the recent good rains in most of the country the dams are nearly full. Here is the information we have on the status of Tekeze Dam and Gilgel Gibe II.

As of today, Tekeze needs additional 3 meter in order to have full power capacity. If the rainfall continues as the current rate, Tekeze is expected at full capacity in the next 10 days. Sources tell us also, the 300 MW total capacity from Tekeze Dam will be made available in four steps. Once Tekeze is at full capacity, in the next 10 to 15 days, 75 MW will be generated each month for the next four months until it reaches full capacity.Gilgel Gebe II will start production sometime in September 2009.

Officials are relieved and very happy with the amount of rainfall surrounding Tekeze area. The government is not however expecting problems on power will be solved immediately due to the fact that Tekeze will not go in to full power production immediately!

TPLF manages to enable Ethiopians enjoy fruits of peace, stability, democratic order: Abay Tsehaye
Addis Ababa, August 1, 2009 (Addis Ababa) - Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), which was established 34 years ago under challenging situations, has managed to realize peace, stability, and democratic system in Ethiopia. Abay Tsehaye, said the front that was incepted on the premise of the Addis Ababa University under the name ‘Gesgesti Bihere Tigray’ had only seven members...

UN Security Council consideration of Somalia
On Wednesday this week, the UN Security Council, under the chairmanship of Uganda, again considered Somalia. The Council reiterated its support for the Djibouti peace process to provide for a lasting political solution in Somalia....
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Comment on Tigrai Festival Chicago 2009

Role of Journalism

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