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Ethiopia and nations and Tigray

Dr. Haile A 04-06-21


Are we alone?

ኢዮብ ከ ጮማ እምኒ 04-04-21


TMH; With Berihu Tewledebrhan legal adviser to President Debretsion of Tigray. - April 2021


TMH: with Getachew Reda, TPLF Executive Leader- March 2021


General Migbey from Tigray Military High Command - An Amazing and Heartfelt message to a TDF Regiment - March 2021


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GSTS Letter to President of the World Bank Group and Chairwoman of the Executive Board International Monetary Fund
We, the Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals (GSTS), have been encouraged by the commitment of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and Paris Club creditors’ support to developing countries. Ethiopia is among these countries that have benefited from this package. GSTS also notes with appreciation the principled stance of the US and EU have taken on the civil wars in Ethiopia. GSTS strongly believes that withholding any financial aids and grants is one of the major levers in the hands of the international community to force Abiy's administration to peacefully resolve all conflicts in the country.

Is Ethiopia at Risk of Genocide?
Over the course of six days in November 2020, Ethiopian government forces and allies executed two hundred civilians in Adi Hageray, a town in Ethiopia's Tigray region. Eyewitnesses report indiscriminate house-by-house killings, with victims ranging from children to ninety-year-olds.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is airlifting 1,500 rolls of heavy-duty plastic sheeting- to contribute to emergency shelter efforts for more than 82,500 people affected by the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region. An immediate end to the conflict is needed to alleviate suffering. A cessation of hostilities, the immediate and complete withdrawal of Eritrean forces, and an end to the Ethiopian government's deployment of Amhara regional forces in Tigray are essential first steps

The World Bank should not fund Ethiopia's war in Tigray
This month, Ethiopia, a low-income country facing economic difficulties, is making its case for a financial bailout at the spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF. It is also conducting a war of starvation in the northern Tigray region.

Tigray atrocities compounded by lack of health care
Conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia is resulting in death, injury, and sexual abuse, with the majority of health centres not functioning. Sharmila Devi reports.

The Political and Moral Blindness of the Amhara Elite
Aynalem Sebhatu 04-08-21 - The Ethiopian diaspora never misses an opportunity in disappointing us all. A few weeks ago, they enthusiastically supported the genocidal war in Tigray in their political rallies in major urban areas of the U.S. They profusely praise Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki as if the mass atrocities committed by these two dictators seem to have escaped their notice.

Ethiopia's military crackdown in Tigray prompts accusations of ethnic cleansing
Allegations of ethnic cleansing that began last fall amid a military crackdown in northern Ethiopia's Tigray region now threaten to engulf the surrounding areas and permanently tarnish the reputation of the country's nobel prize-winning prime minister.

What the world communities should know about the war in Tigray
W.Yilma April 9/2021 - Since Abiy Ahmad Ali came to power, it is hard to record how many times he and his cohorts lies, not only to the people of Ethiopia, but also to the international communities. There is not a single day that Abiy refrain from lying the public. What we know about him is that he is not consistent...

ዝምታ ወርቅ ነው?
ከማህፍቅ 04-08-21

Ethiopia's hidden war
(IBA) - It has been several months since the war in Ethiopia began in Tigray. Abiy Ahmed claimed no civilians had been killed, which has since been proven to be extremely inaccurate. Despite the continuing human catastrophe, little is being done to stem the deaths, massacres, hunger and depressing array of atrocities, including the use of rape as a weapon of war and the killing of boys and young men of military age.

'Leave no Tigrayan': In Ethiopia, an ethnicity is erased
HAMDAYET, Sudan (AP) - The atrocities have been seared into the skin and the minds of Tigrayans, who take shelter by the thousands within sight of the homeland they fled in northern Ethiopia. They arrive in heat that soars above 38 C (100 F), carrying the pain of gunshot wounds, torn vaginas, welts on beaten backs.

How Armed Conflict and Mass Atrocities Have Destroyed an Ethiopian Region's Economy and Food System and Are Threatening Famine
This report has benefited from the research, analysis and review of a number of individuals, most of whom preferred to remain anonymous. For that reason, we are attributing authorship solely to the World Peace Foundation.

GSTS: Why the Ethiopian Human Right Commission Should Not be Involved in the Joint Investigation of the War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide in Tigray?
GSTS 04-06-21 - This report documents and analyses the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission's (EHRC) partisan position on the war in Tigray. Through its investigation of public sources (e.g., videos, reports, etc.), this document concludes that the EHRC lacks the caliber and attributes needed to conduct an independent and impartial investigation into the war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide being perpetrated in Tigray.
(Read Also:) GSTS: Additional Reasons Justifying for a UN-mandated Investigation

UK Citizens and Residents of Ethiopian Origins 04-04-21 - We are concerned British citizens and residents of the UK of Ethiopian Tigrayan origin. We are organised under a broad democratic platform known as "Mekete Tigray UK" (i.e. Defence of Tigray). We are writing again to bring our Government's attention to the War on Tigray. There are credible allegations as well as verified crime against humanity and war crimes being committed by the armies of the regimes of Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, Amhara Regional Government and Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea.

International Community: Quickly Walk your Nice Talk.
Kalayu Abrha 04-05-21 - We Tegaru will remain grateful forever to you for attending on time to our plight in the hands of beastly invaders. This has given us hope and emboldened our resistance against the huge odds. In spite of the global roar against the callous twin dictators based on tangible evidence of war crimes we are still fully in the hands of the enemies who are angered by the exposure of their actions to the world community.

Ethiopia at a Crossroad
Anchiye Belay 04-05-21 - It is with regret that I heard this morning Getachew Reda member of TPLF leadership that the only option of Tigray in the current Ethiopian Crisis is Independence from Ethiopia. Given the fact that what the hell the people of Tigray are going through not only the Tigrayans, but any reasonable Ethiopian or foreigner justifies their want for Independence, but...

Evidence suggests Ethiopian military carried out massacre in Tigray
BBC- An investigation by BBC Africa Eye has uncovered evidence that a massacre in northern Ethiopia was carried out by members of the Ethiopian military. It also reveals the precise location of the atrocity, in which at least 15 men were killed.

The Godfather of Dictatorship and His Last Dance
Aynalem Sebhatu 04-03-21 - In 1969, Mario Puzo published The Godfather, a novel about a fictional New York mafia family. The reader immediately learns a quote from Honore De Balzac, "Behind every great fortune there is a crime," as the author begins his narration. This quote always matched my preconception of Isaias Afewerki's vision of Eritrea.

R&B singer The Weeknd has promised to donate $1m (£700,000) to Ethiopians caught up in the conflict in Tigray.
The star, born Abel Tesfaye in Canada, is the son of Ethiopian immigrants. "My heart breaks for my people of Ethiopia as innocent civilians ranging from small children to the elderly are being senselessly murdered," he said.Last week, a BBC Africa Eye investigation uncovered evidence suggesting the Ethiopian military had carried out a massacre in Tigray, killing at least 15 men.

Abiy's Team of Aggressors and Isaias' Puppies Can Never Subjugate the Heroic Tigrayans: Shifting Adversity into Expediency
Asayehgn Desta (Ph. D) 04-03-21 - Teaming up with the gendarmerie Amhara militias, the genocidal fano youth squad, Isaias' trained butchers, Somalia armed forces- under military training in Eritrea, United Arab Emirates' drones stationed at the base in Assab (Eritrea), and by promising land to Sudan, around midnight on November 3 - 4, 2020, Abiy launched a war on the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.

Is independence from Ethiopia the TPLF's endgame in Tigray?
This week on UpFront we ask Getachew Reda, Executive Committee member of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), about the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region and whether the group's ultimate goal is an independent Tigrayan state. Fighting between the TPLF and Ethiopian and Eritrean forces...
What has happened to Tigray over the last four months is demoralizing, to say the least. However, every time I bow my head down in dismay, I find the strength to rise and stand tall, thanks to Getachew Reda and the gallant fighters fighting the enemy tooth to nail. Zeru Hagos April 2, 2021

G7 Foreign Ministers' statement on the situation in Tigray, Ethiopia (2 April 2021)
We, the G7 Foreign Ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America and the High Representative of the European Union are strongly concerned about violations of international humanitarian law in Tigray. WE welcome Abiy statement that Eritrean forces will withdraw from Tigray. This process must be swift, unconditional and verifiable

Analysis of Tigray massacre video raises questions for Ethiopian Army
(CNN) - Dawit was watching television at a relative's one-room apartment in Axum, a historic city in Ethiopia's war-torn, northern Tigray region, in early March when a news bulletin flashed up on the screen. Graphic, unverified footage had surfaced of a mass killing near Dawit's hometown of Mahibere Dego

  • Abiy Ahmed's Risky Friendship with Putin
    Elias Dawit 03-30-21
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    Eritrean Political Forces Diplomatic task Force
  • Open message to Eritreans
    Kalayu Abraha 04-01-21
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    Kalayu Abrha 03-30-21
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    SJTE 04-01-21
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    Nebiyu 03.29.21
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    Aynalem Sebhatu 03-26-21
  • The "Banality of Evil": Abiy Ahmed, Adolph Eichmann and the Ethiopian People
    Elias Dawit 03-25-21
    The Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum (HoACS Forum)
  • Manifesto of the Ethiopian Multinational Federalists Support Force
    EMFSF 03-28-21
  • Abiy Ahmed's Parliamentary Briefing on Tigray: Fact and Reality Check ( Part I       Part II)
    Isaac M. 03-27-21 -
  • Stubborn Dictators
    Kalayu Abrha 03-27-21
  • GSTS Letter to H.E. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield
    GSTS 03-27-21
  • UNHRC Must Conduct Independent, Not a Sham Investigation of the Genocidal War on Tigray
    M. Tesfay; 25 March 2021
  • A letter to Your Excellency Ms Michelle Bachelet, United Nation Higher commissioner for Human Rights:
    Seb-Hidri Civil Society Tigray 03-25-21
  • Intentionally confusing battle with human rights violation
    Kalayu Abrha 03-25-21
  • The Moral Dilemma of Ethiopian Religious Authorities
    Fessahaye Mebrahtu 03-24-21
  • Diaspora Ethiopians and the Hall of Shame
    Aynalem Sebhatu 03-23-21

  • Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2021 All rights reserved.

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