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Woyin: With Daniel Assefa, On COVID-19 Fundraising Campaign - April 2020


Tigrai COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention Fund

Tigrai COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention Fund

TDA-NA Covid-19 Call



Hakfen Media: Diaspora Response to COVID-19 - April 2020


DW TV: With Getachew Reda, TPLF Executive Leader on Current Issues. April 2020

Getachew is right - he should not respond to every name-calling and false allegations against TPLF and the Tigrai people. However, Getachew and his governing party in Tigrai must not sit idle and let the opposition dictate what the topic should be. TPLF must take the offense and set the agenda. The country and the people are ready for a capable political leadership. It will be a huge failure if Ethiopia is to fail for a lack of leaders. How could Abiy and his politics win over TPLF and the many good meaning Ethiopians? Something is wrong really!
[Zeru Hagos April 2020]


የብልጽግና ንቀት
ኢዮብ ከ ጮማ እምኒ04-11-20


TDA International Call for help to fight the Coronavirus pandemic in Tigrai- March 2020

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Ethiopian police hold journalist Yayesew Shimelis pending terrorism investigation
Nairobi, April 16, 2020 -- In response to Ethiopian authorities’ new terrorism allegations against broadcast journalist Yayesew Shimelis today, the Committee to Protect Journalists issued the following statement:"Ethiopian police had no business arresting journalist Yayesew Shimelis in the first place, and now they are doubling down on his detention by introducing new dubious accusations, revealing how little they care about due process," said CPJ

Ethiopia moves to close Eritrean refugee camp despite virus fears
Addis Ababa (AFP) - Ethiopia plans to shutter a camp for Eritrean refugees and resettle thousands of its inhabitants in other camps that the UN considers already full, an official said, despite concerns this could make them more vulnerable to COVID-19.

We were amazed by the Saudi government's cruelty why they chose now to deport migrant workers - little did we know Abiy is also deporting and closing refugee camps in Ethiopia. What are Abiy and his Saudi handler's planning? And why is Isaias Afeworki in hiding?

Suspicion and fear linger as Ethiopia's campus wars go quiet
A report by the Centre for Advancement of Rights and Democracy (Card), a local NGO, documented at least nine rounds of university-based conflict since December 2017, many flaring up on more than one campus at a time. In the past two years alone, about 3 million Ethiopians have been displaced and hundreds killed in waves of ethnic and regional violence. Troubles on campus are also in part a consequence of failings in the federal system. Universities, as federal institutions with mixed populations, are much more diverse places than most schools and workplaces. But they have grown increasingly homogenous in recent years, following a shift away from the old pattern of posting students and academics to universities far from their home region.

In Response to Girmay T. Giorgis's Article, Entitled, "Appeal to Counter Separation of Tigray,"
G. Amare, April 14, 2020 - In the beginning, I would like to make a disclosure of myself that I have no association to any political group. As a matter of fact, I have never been a member of any political entity because I always intend to see things independently. In this regard, I would like to appreciate Girmay T. Giorgis for speaking his mind. I respect his political views and preferences to stand against the idea of making Tigrai an independent nation because I strongly believe in the notion ...

Locust invasion creates food crisis for 1 million Ethiopians: UN
Addis Ababa (AFP) - Swarms of locusts in Ethiopia have damaged 200,000 hectares (half a million acres) of cropland and driven around a million people to require emergency food aid, the United Nations said Monday.The findings from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), which recently concluded a joint assessment with the Ethiopian government,...

The beggar government of Abiy and its stepmothers, the IMF and WorldBank, have a perfect storm at hand to show the world how they would work hand in hand. Locust, COVID-19 and the looming financial crisis around the world will undoubtedly affect Ethiopia's survival. Let us see what they can do. Ethiopia is at the hands of "The Lords of Poverty" What a setback for Ethiopia!!

The Reality of the Developments of COVID-19 Epidemic in USA and the Government's Preparedness and Response
Hailay Gebretinsae Beyene, PhD Mekelle University 12 April 2020 - The current pandemic disease called Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) dates back to 31 December 2019, when the World Health Organization (WHO) has been informed in cases of pneumonia with unknown etiology and an unknown cause which has been detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China. After a couple of days, on 11 and 12 January 2020, relatively more information about the novel virus was communicated to WHO from the National Health Commission China ...

He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump's Failure on the Virus
(New York Times) WASHINGTON - An examination reveals the president was warned about the potential for a pandemic but that internal divisions, lack of planning and his faith in his own instincts led to a halting response. "Any way you cut it, this is going to be bad," a senior medical adviser at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Dr. Carter Mecher, wrote on the night of Jan. 28, in an email to a group of public health experts scattered around the government and universities. "The projected size of the outbreak already seems hard to believe."
In the coming weeks, we hope President Trump will say sorry or leave Dr. Tedros alone to do his job. Trump can blame China and himself for the damage the virus is causing but not Dr. Tedros!!

"Quarantine Politics": Kindly, as Dr. Tedros put it
Aesop 04-11-20 - Some are saying Tigreans should never think about secession. There are also self-proclaimed Tigrean governors. In light of the struggle ahead, all this doesn't matter. Tigrai is fighting COVID-19. Tigrai is fighting a possible extinction threat. Anyone that talks about secession or unity at this time are not following the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm not challenging anyone for a duel here- by the way. I'm not going to rebut anyone that responds to this piece.

The government of Tigrai must establish an independent commission to monitor all public projects. Debretsion if you are reading us, please establish a commission to monitor and report the monthly status of all public projects. The report can be used to educate the public as well as to find a solution for all the project delays. If public project delays continue as is we are certain the public will rise up against the governing party. The good governance issues can not be forgotten regardless of the other pressing issues that are obvious. Since Ethiopia is going down it is a must all Tigreans are ready in unison to withstand the effects of a failed state. Solve the good governance issues before it is too late. (Aigaforum April 2020)

Why finger- pointing to World Health Organization?
W.Yilma 4/8/2020 - As we all know our world is hit by Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Although this virus has similarity with the previous two coronaviruses’ outbreaks, SARS and MERS, the nature of the COVID-19, the level of speeds how it spread to susceptible population, and its severity in different social groups is a puzzle for many scientists and other public health workers.

Can Medemer and Prosperity Party Solve Our Problem?

A Must Read! Detailed analysis and review in the form of a critic of 'medemer' and Prosperity Party and the Abiy government.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2020 All rights reserved.

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