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Ethio-Eritrean Predicament- New Book
Author: Solomon Barnabas (Ph.D.)
(The book will be on sale in Mekelle in few days!)
April 2019


ኢዮብ ከጮማእምኒ 4-3-19


The Fruit of Poison Tree
Haileselassie Zeferzion April 2019



A Call to All Ethiopians from the Kimant People- Abeba Tefferi
The Kimant people are one of the many indigenous people of northern Ethiopia! They live in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. For a few years now they have been demanding to be recognized and be allowed to have their own self-administration within the Amhara region. For some reason not known the Amhara government and federal government have ignored their demand. Worst the people have been killed and displaced mercilessly over the last two years. Abeba Teferri is an activist fighting for the Kimant's cause in North America. A few months back she stood in front of Gedu Andaregachew the then president of Amhara region during his tour of North America. The following is her call to the Ethiopian people to reach out and help the Kimant people. Aigaforum March 30, 2019


If you recall we used to post updated pictures and documentaries about Hedase Dam. However, once Engineer Semegnew was killed and work stalled, we became disheartened and did not want to hear or share anything! We just gave up and threw the towel! It is hard to listen to any Hedase related programming these days. In case some of you find it informative, we are posting the above discussion. Do you really think the Abiy government will finish the Dam? We don't, but maybe the man has a second thought about his legacy if he does not finish the already almost finished Dam!!


Tigray region administration exposing the weakness of the 'Abyi Administration'. March 2019


Walta TV: A very informative and educational interview of Getachew Reda- TPLF Executive - March 20, 2019


Quantitative Hydro-Geoengineering 1st Edition Calculations and Simulations
Authors: Yohannes Yihdego


Justice for Kaleb!

On March 6, 2019, Kaleb Belay was violently gunned down by a Philadelphia Police Officer in front of his West Philadelphia home. As a result of the the six bullets that riddled his body, Kaleb sustained...More


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Diaspora Donation List for Displaced Tegaru Update April 5, 2019
Aigaforum April 2019 - Note: Those of you who have donated but could not see your or the organization name in the list should contact the office if you have the wiring receipt. Those of you who are still collecting money and wants to know how to transfer the money should contact one of the officers...

Timeline details final moments of doomed 737 Max flight

Boeing CEO accepts blame for two plane crashes, apologizes to families of victims: 'We own it'
The chairman of Boeing acknowledged Thursday for the first time that its new maneuvering system was responsible for two recent plane crashes that killed almost 350 people and apologized to the families and friends of the victims."We at Boeing are sorry for the lives lost in the recent 737 accidents and are relentlessly focused on safety to ensure tragedies like this never happen again," CEO Dennis Muilenburg said.

Ethiopian Airlines Statement on the Preliminary Report of the Accident on ET 302
Addis Ababa: 4 April 2019 Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Group which is the largest and the most successful Aviation group in Africa, would like to acknowledge the preliminary report of the accident of ET 302/10 March, 2019 and would like to appreciate the hard work of the investigation team. The preliminary report clearly showed that the Ethiopian Airlines Pilots who were commanding Flight ET 302/10 March have followed the Boeing recommended and FAA approved emergency procedures...

Humanitarian Crises of the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Ethiopia.
Ataklti Tsegay Tesfay,MD 04-04-19 - Despite the continuous record of human rights violation and different political turbulences in the country, Ethiopia was showing an ascent on its economic development for about a decade. The projection of the government and other trusted independent agencies was to see the country in the group of middle-income nations of the world in the coming decade.

Ethiopian Airlines pilots followed Boeing's emergency procedures before crash: report
(CNN)Pilots flying Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 initially followed emergency procedures that were laid out by Boeing before the plane nose-dived into the ground, according to preliminary findings reported in the Wall Street Journal.Citing unnamed sources familiar with the investigation, the WSJ reported that despite following the steps, which included turning off an automated flight-control system, pilots could not regain control of the Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Prominent Blogger Daniel Berhane Social Media Account Hacked!
April 2, 2019 - Daniel Berhane is a very well known blogger and cyber activist in Ethiopia. He manages a well-known website as well as a very popular Facebook account. Today his facebook page was hacked for a brief period. The Facebook account is disabled now. Many social media activists think the hacking was done by state institutions. As you know Ethio telecom is the sole internet provider in the country and has all the means to monitor individual internet traffic since most if not all social media accounts are tied to individual mobile numbers.

Dr Debretsion Interview With South Radio and Television Agency- April 2019

FYI: Ethiopian Parliament has tabled the Mekelle water project loan as one of its agenda items for its 32nd Regular Session, March 26, 2011. It is expected the loan agreement will be approved since it is one of the best long term loans and the project is much needed! As you all know Mekelle city has been facing severe water shortage for a long time!
የገቢዎች፣በጀትና ፋይናንስ ጉዳዮች ቋሚ በኢትዮጵያ ፌዴራላዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ሪፐብሊክ መንግስት እና በቻይና ኤክስፖርት- ኢምፖርት ባንክ መካከል ለመቀሌ ውሃ አገልግሎት አቅርቦት ፕሮጄክት ማስፈጸሚያ የተደረገውን የብድር ስምምነት ለማጽደቅ የቀረበ ረቂቅ አዋጅን በተመለከተ ያቀረበውን ሪፖርትና የውሳኔ ሃሳብ መርምሮ ረቂቅ አዋጁ ንማጽደቅ፣"
Note: The date has moved to March 27, 2011! (04-04-19)

In Defense Of King Abiy!
TeKa 4/2019 - Dear PM Abiy Ahmed, I just wanted to talk to you heart to heart. Just like two buddies, you know. Only buddies can tell each other the truth, so bear with me. First, though many people have not realized that your status as a KING, based on what you told us and based on some of your actions, I do not have any other option but accept you as a king, Emperor Abiy Ahmed I (first)

Soaking up Ethiopia's natural resources
Ethiopia has backed textile manufacturing as the way to economic development. The government is trying very hard to attract big companies, which enjoy a 10-year tax exemption and can import equipment duty-free. It seems to be working, and the country is now second only to Vietnam for inward investment in this sector.
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One year on, tough times loom for Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed
"It's a one-man show... it's not a functional government, "one foreign diplomat told AFP, adding that among embassies, "a few eyebrows are now rising."Shortly after Abiy took office, a long-running dispute over land in southern Ethiopia's West Guji and Gedeo zones erupted into ethnic fighting that forced nearly a million people from their homes.
No one can blame the TPLF for calling it like it was then and no one can blame the TPLF now for watching the show from the sideline. The Western allies, as well as the Amhara and Oromia elites, have the sole responsibility for what is happening in Ethiopia. Ethiopia's problem was not an ethnic dominance of political power then nor now. Ethiopia's problem is backwardness, poverty, and ignorance. Its problem can only be solved when there is a pragmatist and development-oriented government, not a populist government led by a populist leader! It is amazing to see how Eskinder Nega is playing the Jawar card effectively! Part of the color revolutionary proponents from the west are rallying behind Eskinder cause! 'Miqenay tsbuq do Bele Kiros Alemayehu'!! (Glad to have lived long to see things today!)

Explainer: The global safety rules behind Ethiopia jet crash probe
MONTREAL (Reuters) - A keenly awaited preliminary report on a March 10 Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people, triggering the global grounding of Boeing’s (BA.N) 737 MAX, is due within days.

Why Ethiopia has postponed its census
IN ETHIOPIA, Africa's second most populous country, it is often difficult to distinguish politics from demography. On March 18th the government announced that the national census, due to begin one and a half years behind schedule on April 7th, would be postponed for a third time. It said that security concerns, especially in the south and west, made holding one almost impossible.

Ethnic Politics vs. Citizenship Politics in Ethiopia
Assefa A. Lemu 3-29-19 - Ethnicity is a socially constructed category that has a shared cultural heritage, language, history. As defined by OkwudibaNnoli (1978:5), Ethnicity is “Social phenomenon associated with the identity of members of the largest possible competing communal groups (ethnic groups) seeking to protect and advance their interest in a political system.

መፃኢት ትግራይን ዕቤት ከተማታትናን
ገብረእግዚኣብሄር ሃይሉ3-28-19

ከአፋርና ከትግራይ ብንማርስ?
ከአብዱራህማን አህመዲን፤3-28-19

Boeing Ethiopia crash probe 'finds anti-stall device activated'
Officials probing the crash in Ethiopia of a Boeing 737 Max have preliminarily concluded that a flight-control feature automatically activated before it crashed, the Wall Street Journal says.The newspaper, citing unnamed sources, says the findings were relayed on Thursday at a briefing at the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
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 The emerging 737 MAX scandal, explained

Ethiopian ethnic rivalries threaten Abiy Ahmed's reform agenda
But enthusiasm for .Mr Abiy, 42, stops in Tigray, Ethiopia's northernmost state and a dominant force in national politics since a Tigrayan rebel army overthrew the hated Marxist Derg regime in 1991.For many of the 5m-plus residents of Tigray, Mr Abiy is not so much saviour as threat. If the gloss eventually comes off the prime minister's story, that process will have begun in Tigray. To the region's people, Mr Abiy's shake-up of the Ethiopian state, which has targeted Tigrayans in top positions, is widely seen as biased and vindictive.

EFFORT Statement- March 2019
March 2019 - The Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) board statement in regard to the decision passed by the Tigrai regional government, for EFFORT board to report to Tigrai Parlament!

The Need for State Intervention in the Regional Urban System of Tigray
Yohannes Aberra Ayele(PhD, Associate Professor) March 27, 2019 - Grave concern has been aired since recently about the rapid, but spontaneous, urban growth in Tigray; particularly the excessive primacy of Mekelle City. Social and economic ills have also been reported which require not only short-term crisis management but also structural changes enabling sustainable management of the urban system of the Region. Urbanization in Tigray has...

Ethiopia: Africa's next powerhouse?
Ethiopia has been one of the continent's best economic performers, growing at a rate of 10 percent for the past 15 years. It has been a model of state-directed development with a government that permitted no political opposition but invested heavily in infrastructure, agriculture, education, and other sectors....
If Ethiopia's economy has been growing with such rate and the country was also investing heavily on infrastructure what is the problem with such kind of growth rate and economic model? What will privatization of a few key sectors do to such a model?

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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