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The new Ethiopia is here to stay! For the third time, the young nation has a new Prime Minister! Eternal Glory to those Martyrs! The Woyane Generation motto Yichalal/Can Do/ is still alive and it will continue to live on! Congratulation Prime Minister Abiy!


Zete Aiga:Interview with North America Tigray Community Leaders



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Red Sea and Super Power Game of Influence , March 2018


Status Update- Zarema May Day Dam -Wolqayit Sugar Development , March 2018



Interview with Elsa Leake, a good samaritan woman in Mekelle Tigrai helping children with special needs. Elsa effort is helping over 200 children with the special need! She trains them for a job and allows them to spend the day at a center instead of becoming a prisoner within their own homes!
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Tourism under the SoE
Bereket Gebru 04-05-18 - There have been some recent reports that the state of emergency (SoE) declared in Ethiopia has a negative impact on the country’s tourism sector. The argument here is that the SoE is a challenge to efforts of attracting tourists into the country. With the sense of unease, people perceive under SoEs, they argue, tourists simply choose to go somewhere more peaceful and secure.

CFA has reached a Point of No Return albeit Reservation from Egypt
Gebreab Gebrewold Uganda, Kampala 04-05-18 -Comprehensive Framework Agreement (CFA) is a framework, which appreciates accommodating the rational interests of all riparian countries of the Nile Basin. CFA is signed by six countries namely ...

ሰላማዊ ሽግግር ሥልጣን ህዝቢ
ብማህደር ተከዘ፤ 04-05-18

Ethiopia told by Fifa to implement changes to electoral process
The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has been told by Fifa to make key changes to its electoral process before presidential elections can take place.In a letter to the EFF dated 2 April, Fifa's Secretary General Fatma Samoura said the elections ...

Dr Abiy: Expectations are high, hope you will rise to the occasion
Selam Lealem 4 April 2018 -The Council members of The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, the Governing party of Ethiopia, elected Dr Abiy Ahmed, as the Chairperson of the Front. He was elected to the chairmanship after ...

Dhagna Qabaan Akka Qabaa
Lammii Waaqee 04-04-18 - Itiyoophiyyan waggootan lamaan darban keessa nageenyi ishee balaaf saaxilame jiraa. Nageenya biyyatti kan balaaf saaxile, soochii balaaleeffannaa ummata, keessattuu naannoolee Oromiyaa fi Amaaraa keessa mudatee dhaa.

አክቲቪስት ተብዬዎቹ
ዳዊት ምትኩ 04-04-18

Have Your Say: PM Abiy and EPRDF Future
Now that Ethiopia has seen a couple of peaceful power transition at the top what do you think about the democratic process and the future of Ethiopia holds? Are you thinking Ethiopia is...For more and to have your say >>  Click Here

ከተልዕኮ ባሻገር
ሶሪ ገመዳ 04-04-18

Looted Ethiopian treasures in UK could be returned on loan
Treasures including a gold crown and a royal wedding dress, which were taken from Ethiopia by the British 150 years ago, could be returned to Africa by the Victoria and Albert Musuem on long-term loan.Ethiopia lodged a formal restitution claim in 2007 for hundreds of important and beautiful manuscripts and artefacts being held by various... How does one keep a straight face when offering looted and stolen treasures as a loan to its owner? We got our Axum Stele back but why are we having a hard time getting anything from the British?

The Shame of Plethora in the Midst of Horrible Poverty
D.Haile 04-03-18 - In a country, well-governed poverty is something to be ashamed of …In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of “Confucius”- this conjures up whether good governance exists and proves the relationship between development and good governance.Theoretically, global drivers can play an important...

The answer to Ethiopia's growth is in Ethiopia
Bereket Gebru 04-03-18 - I recently read an article entitled: “China helps boost Ethiopia’s economy” by Mark Kapchanga on Global Times website. I had mixed feelings about the article as it sends out ambiguous images of Ethiopia’s rapid economic growth over the last fifteen years.

Warqiin Harkaa qaban…
Tokkummaa Biyyaa tiin 04-03-18 - Biyya keenyaa fi biyyoota gara garaatti warqiin akka faayaa gatii cimaatti ilaalama. Ilaalcha nama kami keessattis iddoo guddaa qaba. Kanaaf warqii kana hundumtuu yoo qabaate ni ittiin faayamee ni barbaada.

On the Election of New Prime Minister and Looking Ahead
Getachew Mequanent April 2, 2018 - Congratulations to Dr. Abiye Amhed on his election as the third prime minister of Ethiopia.For my generation who grew up amid violent political upheavals, the election of the third prime minister through a democratic process is yet another cause for celebration. This outcome also strengthens our conviction that Ethiopian political culture is maturing and democracy deepening its roots within EPRDF and in society at large.

UTNA congratulatory message on Dr. Abiy Ahmed's inauguration as third prime minister of Ethiopia
UTNA 04-02-18

Another Opportunity for Enhanced Unity
Teshome Beyene Berhe 04-02-18 - Congratulations to us all as citizens! The deadlock is now broken, and broken in a delightful way. Fingers crossed, we won’t witness the day-to-day death and maiming of citizens of the last three years. One thing, we have now a leader, apparently of great consequence. However rugged the process may have been ...

Healing the Wounds: What EPRDF Government Must Do!
Zeru Hagos April 01, 2018 - The EPRDF government has done a lot to improve the lives of all Ethiopians. This is fact everyone should agree with no ifs and buts. However, over the last three years, a lot has been done to undo the fabric of the country and people and peoples! Going forward the government must ...

Congratulation to Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali.
Luel Gebremedhin(USA) April 2, 2018 - I congratulate Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali who has been elected April 2, 2018 as 3rd Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia since the Ethiopian people’s Revolution Democratic Front has come to power in 1983. It is my strong belief that the election of Dr. Abiy ...

Congratulations to Chairman Dr. Abiy Ahmed
Amleset Tesfay 04-02-18 Congratulations Dr Abiy Ahmed for being elected. We wish you all success in your service to our country.

The Alienation of EPRDF (2)
Samuel Estefanous 31 March 2018 - How did we get here, one would naturally want to know…we are talking about the precarious state of the Union 27 years after the incumbent came to power. If this was happening in the wild early 1990s, we would have taken heart. Everything is gonna be sorted out in time, we would have said.

Chinese factory in Ethiopia ignites African dreams
ADDIS ABABA, March 31 (Xinhua) -- The town of Dukem, just 35 km south of capital Addis Ababa, has earned a fame on the world export map for its "Made in Ethiopia" shoes.The once-farming town began to see a surge in manufacturing in 2010, when Ethiopia's first industrial park was opened here.

EPRDF Council Statement
EPRDF Council official statement after it elected a new chairman
March 30, 2018

Ethiopia to swear in new prime minister on April 2
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia’s prime minister-elect Abiye Ahmed will be sworn in on Monday, its parliament said, after the ruling coalition chose him to succeed Hailemariam Desalegn as its chairperson.The ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front coalition on Tuesday voted in the 42-year-old, a retired lieutenant colonel from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo, to take over the government.
Dr. Abiy has a tall order in front of him to become a successful leader. 1) He needs to earn trust from all including from EPRDfites who did not vote for him and 2) He needs to speak to all Ethiopians in no uncertain term and tell them he will be loyal to all and to the constitution. He must distance and denounce the Cohen's and Jawar's immediately! Peace will not be achieved if such forces have their way!
Bracing for change under the new leadership
Dagem Belayneh 03-29-18 - After what seemed to be the longest month and a half, the Ethiopian ruling party, EPRDF has finally elected its Chairman and Vice Chairman. The unexpectedly long period it took to elect the chairman and announce the decision set off a speculation...

Lessons from Ethiopian Airlines
Bereket Gebru 03-29-18 - Ethiopian Airlines has always been very successful but the leaps it took this past few years in terms of the number of destinations it took, the number of passengers it transported and the general recognition it wielded internationally...

Agro-processing accelerating industrialization
Toumelisan Gebre-Wold 03-28-18 - The second-round forum intended to enhance the contribution of investment related to agriculture and agro-processing was conducted in Addis Ababa, starting from March 5, 2018. The exhibition had encouraged leather and textile producers to display their produces and link them with potential businesses that are engaged in same activities.

Nageenyi, buuura Jireenya
Ibsaa Namarraa 03-28-18 - Feedhiin lubbuun jiraachuu dhala namaa wanta keennammee osoo hinta’ini kan wajjiin dhalatee dhaa. Kanaafu, mirga dhala namaa lubbuun jiraachuu mulquun hindandaahamu. Dhalli namaa ammaaf fi iddo kana jiraachuun aala yeroo hinmurtaahamneef, iddoo fi haala ...

Call for Paper submissions The Global Society of Tigrean Scholars (GSTS)
The Global Society of Tigrean Scholars (GSTS), in partnership with the Government of Tigray National Regional State and the Tigray National Regional State Science and Technology Bureau, is organizing a grand conference entitled Quo Vadis Tigray? Building Knowledge-based Economy and Society in Tigray

Facts About Addis Condominium Waiting List and Active Registered Saving Accounts
ESAT,an extremist diaspora outlet,has aired a false status report in regard to the number of people waiting to own a condominium in Addis. ESAT said the source for its news was Reporter! Here is the fact.Amharic Press Release

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