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Current Events
Ben's Point of View: EPRDF as Tortoise


Minister Abaye Tsehaye on Ethiopia's Manufacturing Woes'



What a smooth landing! Ethiopian in Oslo, Norway! This is the first time Ethiopian Airline is flying to Norway!


Tigrean Living in Washington DC Raised Funds for Somali Region Drought Victims!
Date April 2,2017 - Few concerned Tigrean living in DMV (Washington Metropolitan Area) so far have collected $14,000.00 (fourteen thousand USD) for Ethiopia-Somalian drought aid. As you all know the Ethiopia-Somalia region is one of highly affected by this year drought!


Roundtable discussion on New Policy towards Eritrea, Deep Tehadeso and ANDM(Baeden) and establishing think tank in Ethiopia - March 31, 2017

Moderator Addisu asked participants to share their take on the expiring no war no peace policy towards Eritrea and what the new policy might be. The participants also shared their view on the Deep Tehadeso by EPRDF specially ANDM as well as the establishment of think tank in Tigrai.


Ethiopia: The Light Revolution- EBC Documentary!
Death is certain and PM Meles has died. But the vision and ideas of Meles lives on thus why the saying of "mot ni mot's bikibri" (to die doing the right thing)is always a cherished goal to many. The vision is becoming a reality. Glory to all who laboured day in and day out to realize such development in the electrification front! [Aigaforum March 31,2017]


News, Analysis & Articles
Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.

The extremists may have been trying hard to put wedges between EPRDF member parties by spinning news and official comments negatively. It is unfortunate the extremists are getting help unwittingly from EPRDF itself! The above is full reportage on the recent report presented by Senior Leaders from the EPRDF that includes Abay Tsehaye.The Study is on Challenges of Good Governance in Ethiopia! It is a must watch! We hope to get a full summarized text report of the study soon!EPRDF is indeed a dynamic organization! It never externalizes its problems. It always faces it head on unlike other Ethiopian political organization which always blame opponents for their weakness and failures![Aigaforum, April 2017]

Ethiopian Airlines and Singapore Airlines Expand Codeshare Agreement
April 06, 2017 Star Alliance members, Ethiopian Airlines and Singapore Airlines will expand their codeshare agreement as of 1 June 2017, offering customers travelling between Africa and Asia seamless connectivity options.

Eritrea Slams US for 'Inexplicable' Sanctions Following North Korea ...
Eritrea has criticized the United States’ decision to place “inexplicable” sanctions on the Eritrean navy. The U.S. State Department recently announced it had proscribed dealings with the Eritrean navy under a law prohibiting trading in certain types of military equipment with North Korea, Syria and Iran, AFP reported.[The Eritrean one man government has been trying to mend fences with United States every time a new president is elected. So far it has failed miserably! The pariah state has only one option and that option is to make peace with its neighbors and stop aiding terrorist!

Why Ethiopia is building a space programme
THE ancient holy town of Lalibela, perched some 2,500 metres above sea-level in Ethiopia’s northern highlands, boasts some of the clearest night skies. And in time Ethiopia hopes to do more than just gaze at the stars. It would like to launch its own satellites, too.But do countries like Ethiopia need to own, build, or launch their own satellites to reap these benefits?[The same question was asked when Ethiopia started Gibe Hydro Power and Tekeze Hydro Power Dams!Look where Ethiopia is today as far as her energy needs and energy economics! Only a pessimist will question Ethiopia's destiny! The future is bright for Ethiopia and Minister Tefera should not give too much ears to such naysayers developing the technology that will enable Ethiopia to have her say in using space to change the lives of her citizens for the better! Ethiopia is not Nigeria! Stop seeing all African countries as one and the same!

Ethiopian colours at Katara
Ethiopian culture took centre-stage stage at Katara’s Drama Theatre recently. The Cultural Village Foundation- Katara collaborated with the Ethiopian embassy to host the two-day performances. The programmes were held in the presence of Katara General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, Ethiopian ambassador Meganu Arga, Ethiopian Minister of Tourism and Culture Dr Hirut Woldermariam, and representatives of diplomatic missions to Doha and media personnel.

The Monthly Publication from the Ethiopian Embassy in London
Ethiopian Embassy UK 04-04-17

HRW “Following the Usual Suspect”
Amen Teferi 04-04-17 - I strongly believe Human Right Watch (HRW) will simply continue to accuse the Ethiopian government whenever it gets chance to do so, whether or not we furnish it with solid facts that would be difficult to refute.

Open Letter To Tampere University(Finland)
Eneyew Zeleke 04 April 2017 - A specter is haunting the international community. An evil spirit that does not like the good of fellow human beings is on the loose from the Pandora’s Box it has been sealed into. Envy and jealousy so intense and deep-rooted as to take a whole country hostage has been residing in the Ethiopian body politic and societal arena since 1889 up until 1991 when it was up-rooted militarily and politically...

Tourism: an indispensable role for sustainable growth
Tesfaye Lemma 04-04-17

Trump to 'reboot' US-Egypt ties with Sisi meeting
Egypt has long been a staunch US ally, but ties were strained by Mr Sisi's decision to launch a crackdown on his Islamist and secular opponents. The Obama administration froze military aid for 18 months in response. President Donald Trump now wants to "reboot" the two countries' bilateral relationship, US officials say

ድርቁ በዘላቂነት ይመከታል
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 04-04-17

Violence is the last refuge of those who wish to fish in troubled waters
Dilwenberu Nega London, 03/04/2017 - On March 30, 2017, the House of Peoples’ Representatives approved extending the current State of Emergency by 4 months. Speaking to MPs on reasons behind the deferment of the State of Emergency, Head of the Command Post of the State of Emergency Secretariat, Defence Minister Siraj Fegesa, said...

Ethiopian Launches Two New Cargo Routes to Europe
April 3, 2017 Ethiopian Airlines, the largest cargo operator in Africa, is pleased to announce that it has launched two new cargo routes to Europe: Milan, Italy and Zaragoza, Spain as of April, 2 and March 28, 2017 respectively.

Ethiopians are committed to finalize GERD
Tesfaye Lemma 04-03-17 - Many believe that April 2, 2017 is a special day for all Ethiopians residing at home and abroad. It was the day the people celebrated the 6th year founding anniversary of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

US places Eritrea under fresh sanctions for military deal with North Korea
Washington imposed sanctions on the Eritrean navy after Asmara was found to have purchased military equipment from the North Korean regime – and not for the first time.Eritrea’s dealings were revealed in a UN Security Council Sanctions Committee report dated 17 February 2017.

The Imperative to Institutionalize Government-Public Dialogue in Tigrai
Tsegai Berhane (PhD) April 1, 2017 - From the Tigrai Regional State’s recent declarations and statements given on different occasions and especially from the very encouraging, novel, and bold face-to-face discussions with different sectors of the population in different zones and weredas in the Region; one could infer that our Regional State is committed to deep transformation

Tanzania plans to import 400 MW of electricity from Ethiopia
DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzania plans to import 400 megawatts (MW) of electricity from Ethiopia to power its industrial drive, Tanzanian President John Magufuli said on Friday.

Journey to an Ethiopian volcano located in one of the hottest places on Earth
With high-altitude mountain biking, running trails and underground caverns, Ethiopia is aiming to highlight its natural attractions to target Millennial adventurers. Solomon Tadesse, CEO of the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO), spoke about the destination’s evolution...

Ethiopia: Can the Landlocked Power Restore Its Former Glory?
Among its African contemporaries, Ethiopia stands out as one of the few countries that has existed in essentially the same form since antiquity, albeit under different names. Its geographic position at the heart of the Horn of Africa has made it a crossroads for trade, helping it to maintain...[The government is not a minority government at all! The current government is made up of four major parties(EPRDF) and it is supported by many smaller parties from the remaining regions!

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.


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