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Reportage from Tigray Festival meeting in Addis Ababa , April 2014




Tsenat Radio Interview with Deputy PM with Rank Dr Debretsion
on current infrastructure development and more...



To all our Tigray Almuni Assoc In North America and Europe!

As you all know Tigray Festival 2014 will be held in Tigray this year! We encourage you to contact the Festival organizers so you too can hold your annual gatherings during the same time in Tigray or at the very least skip your yearly gatherings here so your members can join the Tigray Festival 2014! Aigaforum 04/12/14


Regreening in Tigray, Ethiopia - ARI Update 1 - 2014

"...To put it in other words…the people of Tigray may have moved more earth and stone during the last 20 years to reshape the surface of their land..."
Yichalal and Bitsifrina loosely translated to(yes we can!) are two slogans that depicts the new Ethiopian spirit! This would have put the naysayers to shame but they know no shame!Ethiopia is moving on the road to prosperity with a no return!


Diplomacy on River Abay



Mahdi Omar with Haimanot Lakew!



News, Analysis & Articles

The rise and rise of Ethiopia
Hana Alemaw 04/15/14

30 years after Ethiopia famine, Valley of Death blooms
The vivid green landscape was once known as Ethiopia’s “Valley of Death”. Now, as a mango tree glints in the sunlight beside him, farmer Desta Beletew looks across

Ethiopian Tourism Promotion Seminar held in Beijing
Ethiopia Embassy, Beijing, 14 April 2014- Ethiopian Tourism Promotion Seminar was weld at the Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing

An Open Request to the City Administration of Addis Ababa
Kelemu Smeneh April 14, 2014 - By and large we have a well-functioning government that is registering amazing results... But sometimes, the unexpected and unbelievable stories that come from Addis amaze ...

Ethiopian Diaspora in Paris mark 3rd GERD Anniversary
April 2014 - Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora residing inParis marked the third anniversary of the launch of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

“Yegna Band” under fire for receiving £4m UK aid
The popular UK media “Mail Online” attracted massive UK citizens followed by up roars for its recent reporting of £3.8m UK Department for International Development aid to “Yegna Band”
Wow, they get that much aid! Are they doing something good to society? May be the Taytu song was one of the project! Which makes us wonder if they will be producing anytime soon about our heroines of recent ?

የጋራ ሃብት ለጋራ ልማት...>>>for more

Ethiopian Community in Guangzhou, China, renews support to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)
April 14 2014 .

Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization (OPDO) 24th Anniversary colorfully celebrated in Stockholm/Sweden for the first time
April 11 2014 in Stockholm/Sweden.

Ethiopia’s first expressway nears completion
The Addis Ababa-Adama expressway in Ethiopia will be first expressway in Ethiopia and East Africa when complete and also the first toll road in the nation.

ወንጀለኛው ዳኛ ፫ ...>>>for more

Africa can add value from refining its own oil
ADDIS ABABA, April 9 — Ethiopia’s leading private oil marketer plans to expand into neighbouring east African economies and is interested in part financing a refinery...

South Boulder Mines Ltd of Australia and the Government of Eritrea: Stop the displacement of Indigenous Afar from their home land in Eritrea!
Ahmed Y. Canada April 2014

Yemeni delegation in Ethiopia for federalism talks
ADDIS ABABA – A Yemeni delegation is holding talks in Ethiopia with the aim of sharing experience on federalism and political administration, an Ethiopian official said Saturday.

Ethiopian Diaspora in the UK mark 3rd GERD Anniversary
12th April 2014 Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora residing in the UK marked the third anniversary of the launch of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

ምናለበት አማሮችን ለቀቅ ብታደርጓቸው? ...>>>for more

Eritrea and Ethiopia: Beyond the Impasse
Opportunities exist for external efforts to foster improved relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia. This will involve questioning some of the underlying assumptions...”

The Efficacy of Water Treaties in the Eastern Nile Basin
Wuhibegezer Ferede and Sheferawu Abebe April 2014

A Proxy Campaign against Ethiopia?
-Response by GERD National Panel of Expeerts

International River Network (IRN): “GERD Panel of Experts Report: Big Questions Remain, Monday, March 31, 2014”

The Paradox of Democratic and Developmental State in Ethiopia
Abis Getachew Makuria Head of Foreign Relations of EDP, April 2014

The Story behind Hillary Clinton and the Flying Shoe
No wonder why Ethiopian diaspora extremists behave the way they do - they simply are copy cats, picking the ugly side of western democracy!

Eth MoFA 04/10/14

London Ethiopian Embassy Monthly News Letter March 2014
Eth Embassy London 04/10/14

The Significances of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
April 2014

ይመፅእ ኣሎ ጠጥዕሙ…!! ...>>>for more

ለአንድ አገር ለአንድ ህዝብ !!...>>>for more

South Sudan conflict and Egypt’s hydro politics
Biruk Mekonnen -(Sudantribune) April 9, 2014- The recent media hype regarding military cooperation between South Sudan and Egypt grab the attention of those who closely follow developments in the region...

Opposition parties’ brawl reveals inherent problems
Hilina Lakew 04/10/14

Egypt’s Groundwater Resources
Habtamu Abay 04/10/14

My thoughts as the 3rd GERD anniversary is celebrated
Part I     Part II      Part III
Orion Demame April 2014

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Call to Abiye Elementary School Alumni and all
Deber Sinna, North Shoa Zone



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