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    Lessons from the Growth and Transformation Campaign in North America: For the Extremist, Supporters and All!
    April 11, 2011(Aigaforum)-Ethiopia is on the move. Its economy on an upward trajectory and its people more hopeful than ever. The country is destined to become one of the middle income earner countries in few years time. Many people who returned from a recent visit to the country have become a witness to today’s Ethiopia reality. It is no wonder then the Growth and Transformation tour in North America was a very successful despite the short comings observed in organizing the campaign in some cities...
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Current Events
The Growth and Transformation Revolution and Extremist in Diaspora Fate!
With the advent of the EPRDF Ethiopia has transformed quite a bit. Its International image has risen so much so its leaders are sought after by world leaders for consultation. And above all, Ethiopia today is considered as one of the fastest growing economies in the world! Its dilapidated cites have gotten new faces, they are no more eyesore. Its people are full of new hopes and new energy wanting to do the impossible. This new hope and new energy is helping Ethiopians to confirm the old saying - the Chinese can move mountains.

Ethiopians are ready to build a huge Dam at the Blue Nile. Ethiopians from all walks of life are donating their money and energy towards the realization of this Dam. Ethiopians are in sync to transform the country once and for all, never to see a dying child because of starvation and a dying mother due to lack of maternity help! In Short Ethiopians are waging a revolution of their own!

The revolution is contagious much like the Arab Revolution and it has arrived in North American Cities where many Ethiopians live! The extremist were hoping to export their "revolution" to Addis Ababa to cause mayhem and what have you... but a new kind of revolution has come to them! The Revolution Ethiopians really wanted has caught them with their pants down so to speak.

Extremist you have been check mated! Surrender and join the people's Revolution. Building Millennium Dam is good for all! Defeating Poverty is good for all. (Aigaforum April 9, 2011)

BetreSeltan of VOA interview with Ato Wahde Belay from the Ethiopian Embassy , Washington DC and Ato Negasi on the Growth and Transformation in North America.

PM Meles Zenawi Performance Report to Parliament and Question and Answer Session.
April 5, 2011(

  Part I       Part II

Eritrea and its Discontents

Eritrea and its Discontents from ASMEA on Vimeo.

Numbers do not Lie!
Did you know Eritrea is one of the top biggest aid recipients? Look how propaganda can shield the realty! You would never have guessed this reading and listening to the one man Eritrean regime propaganda...BTW Ethiopia is 31st while Eritrea is 3rd!!
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News, Analysis & Articles

Unblocking the extremists’ block
Dilwenberu Nega April 11, 2011- By their huge attendance at GTP consultation meetings in 12 USA cities over this week-end, the so-far silent majority of Ethiopian Diaspora in America has at long last crossed the Rubicon. Through their active participation, not only have they manifested their solidarity...

GTP Meeting in North America April 10, 2011

(Pictures from Minneapolis, Toronto, Denver, San Jose, Seattle)
North America GTP Meeting Update for April 10, 2011

Washington DC GTP Conference Ends by Issuing a Final Resolution!
(April 10, 2011 Washington DC) Ethiopians and Ethiopian- Americans domiciling in and around the Washington Metro Area have pledged to play their role in realizing Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Plan /GTP/,in a spirited two-day confab they held at the Howard University on April 9, 2011 and at the Ethiopian Embassy on Sunday April 10, 2011.

Gtp meeting in North America In Pictures

(Pictures included from: Washington DC, New York, Boston, Dallas)

North America GTP Meeting Update for April 9, 2011
Hourly update from DC, New York, Boston, Dallas and Ohio

This, too, will Fail

M. A., Toronto April 8, 2011- How often does silence make someone guilty of calumny labelling? What kind of message does it send to the Ethiopian people when vocal opposition minority keep on creating misinformation campaign to keep the Ethiopian people remain poor...

Measuring Development Results: Lessons from Ethiopia.
Getachew Mequanent April 8, 2011- Development agencies are faced with the challenge of measuring and reporting the results of their contributions to promote equitable and sustainable development. Part of this is that agencies forecast ambitious development goals...

GTP is not a spectators sport.

Dilwenberu Nega April 8, 2011- In Berhanu Tesfaye’s “GTP or Good Totalitarian Pledge” (Aigaforum 7th April) we find errant thoughts trying to attack Aigaforum’s bespoke advertorial encouraging Ethiopians to attend the forthcoming consultative meeting on the GTP...

Millennium Hydroelectric Dam Project: A Historic Cause Worth Rallying Behind.
By A Group of Ethiopian Diaspora Living in Ethiopia
April 7, 2011- The Group that is writing this piece was formed two years ago by some members of the Ethiopian diaspora who used to live in North America, and have once again made Ethiopia their home. Members come from all walks of life including business, various professions, faith-based as well as the not-for-profit sector...

GTP or Good Totalitarian Pledge?
Berhanu Tesfaye April 7, 2011- Ethiopia has launched an ambitious five year plan for growth and transformation that will aim to transform one of the poorest country in the planet and change the situation in the country in the coming five years....

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain warned Eritrea on Tuesday it would take "robust action" if it was not granted consular access to four UK nationals held in the African country since December..

Mark Your Calendar


GTP Meeting (London) 2011!!

GTP Meeting (Las Vegas) 2011!!

GTP Meeting (Germany) 2011!!

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