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GTP Coming to a City Near You
Seize a golden opportunity to transform Ethiopia by actively taking part in the forthcoming public discussion on the GTP and discover “The 5 You Can!”
  • YOU can become Ethiopia’s goodwill ambassador and promote Ethiopia
  • YOU can boost Ethiopia’s foreign currency reserve by sending your remittances legally
  • YOU can open a foreign savings account in Ethiopia and get a better rate of interest ,
  • YOU can purchase EEPCO’s Millennium Bond and get good return for it ,
  • YOU can invest in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, ICT, construction, consultancy.
Every dime you invest will go to electrify more of Ethiopia; to make more of Ethiopia accessible by road and rail, to make health centres accessible to all and to more Ethiopians and to make Ethiopia self-sufficient in food production in 2015, all of which go a long way toward the enhancement of Ethiopian democracy. For further details please contact an Ethiopian Embassy near you.

Don’t just learn history, but make History!
Together we will relegate poverty to the dust-bin of history!
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Current Events
PM Meles Zenawi Performance Report to Parliament and Question and Answer Session.
April 5, 2011(

  Part I       Part II

Eritrea and its Discontents

Eritrea and its Discontents from ASMEA on Vimeo.

Numbers do not Lie!
Did you know Eritrea is one of the top biggest aid recipients? Look how propaganda can shield the realty! You would never have guessed this reading and listening to the one man Eritrean regime propaganda...BTW Ethiopia is 31st while Eritrea is 3rd!!
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Plane bombs car near Port Sudan, two dead
KHARTOUM, April 5 (Reuters) - An unidentified plane bombed a car near the airport in Sudan's main port city of Port Sudan on Tuesday, killing two people

Poem On Abay Millennium Dam!
( By Fesseha Belay 4/5/11)

Nugussie Woldemariam of HagerFikir Radio commentary on the few extremists futile attempt to disturb the upcoming Growth and Transformation Public meeting in North America. Nugussie succinctly put the reasons for the few and little extremist blind opposition to the GTP which will extricate Ethiopia from its perpetual poverty. The reasons were hate and envy that EPRDF a.k.a Woyane by the extremist camp is the leading political force!

“We are so convinced of the justice of our cause, so sure of the strength of our arguments, so convinced of the role of our hydropower projects in eliminating poverty in our country that we will use every ounce of our strength, every dime of money that we can save to complete our program,”
PM Meles of Ethiopia on building the Millennium Dam on the Abay(blue nile) river...
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  Watch briefing by PM Meles(

The American Ambassador to Ethiopia told a group of journalists that "the U.S. shares in preventing terrorism, and trying to prevent the efforts that might made to destabilize the region. We will be working I think as a good partner with Ethiopia in helping address the threats that it faces"

You can find the Audio in Today's Amharic or Tigrigna Shows
  Ambassador Donald

News, Analysis & Articles

Measuring Development Results: Lessons from Ethiopia.
Getachew Mequanent April 8, 2011- Development agencies are faced with the challenge of measuring and reporting the results of their contributions to promote equitable and sustainable development. Part of this is that agencies forecast ambitious development goals...

To Wish for the Greater Good of our Country Keenly is a Spirit of Good will

From the Committee Facilitating the Upcoming Conference in Los Angeles
April 8, 2011- Participation in the economic development of our country is a duty unlike any other. And for many reasons, the extent to which each of us participates in the overall development of our country may vary...

This, too, will Fail

M. A., Toronto April 8, 2011- How often does silence make someone guilty of calumny labelling? What kind of message does it send to the Ethiopian people when vocal opposition minority keep on creating misinformation campaign to keep the Ethiopian people remain poor...

GTP is not a spectators sport.

Dilwenberu Nega April 8, 2011- In Berhanu Tesfaye’s “GTP or Good Totalitarian Pledge” (Aigaforum 7th April) we find errant thoughts trying to attack Aigaforum’s bespoke advertorial encouraging Ethiopians to attend the forthcoming consultative meeting on the GTP...

Millennium Hydroelectric Dam Project: A Historic Cause Worth Rallying Behind.
By A Group of Ethiopian Diaspora Living in Ethiopia
April 7, 2011- The Group that is writing this piece was formed two years ago by some members of the Ethiopian diaspora who used to live in North America, and have once again made Ethiopia their home. Members come from all walks of life including business, various professions, faith-based as well as the not-for-profit sector...

GTP or Good Totalitarian Pledge?
Berhanu Tesfaye April 7, 2011- Ethiopia has launched an ambitious five year plan for growth and transformation that will aim to transform one of the poorest country in the planet and change the situation in the country in the coming five years....

UK warns Eritrea over detained British nationals
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain warned Eritrea on Tuesday it would take "robust action" if it was not granted consular access to four UK nationals held in the African country since December..

(By Tewfik Farah)

Time to say YES for common sense
A Desta April 5, 2011-The most recent advocacy from few Ethiopians leads me into thinking of the mentalities of some individuals within the Ethiopian communities in the Northern Hemisphere.Many people look at the main problem at hand, which is under development in our mother land Ethiopia...

The speech delivered by H.E. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to mark the official commencement of the Millennium Dam project
April 4, 2011-First and foremost, on behalf of the Ethiopian government and of myself, I must express my heartfelt pleasure for the opportunity to attend this occasion, marking the official commencement of the construction of the Millennium Hydro-electric Nile Dam. I must congratulate all those who have worked so tirelessly to make this defining moment possible

Land deals in Ethiopia bring food self-sufficiency, and prosperity
Foreign investments help Ethiopia to develop, and provide knowledge, skills and taxes.The Ethiopian government's absolute prime concern is ensuring food self-sufficiency at both national and household level. The first has already been attained and we are now working towards the second

The Globalization of the Japanese Management Process: Reinvigorating Ethiopia’s Industries through “Kaizen”
Asayehgn Desta, Ph.D.April 4, 2011- In the 1950s, American industry entered the “Golden Age” of manufacturing. Earlier, during the Post WWII era, a number of American companies maximized enormous profits as the world stood in line to buy their products at a premium. At the same time, Japanese goods were...

Ethiopia lays foundation for Africa’s biggest dam

Addis Ababa, April 2 (WIC) – Construction of the Millennium Hydropower plant, the biggest hydropower plant in Africa yet, officially launched today in Benishangul Gumuz regional state.The dam, which will be constructed on Blue Nile River some 40Km from the Sudanese boarder, is expected to be completed in four years time.During the cornerstone laying ceremony, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said that the country will be faced with the massive task of financing the project, which is projected to be around 80 billion birr...  Watch

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