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Update on extremist demonstration from London!!

(Aigaforum 03/31/2010)- Reports coming from London from Aiga readers indicate a mere 25 members of Ethiopia's vocal Diaspora were present at the protest against the presence in London of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of FDRE.
The turnout of a small band of known OLF, WSLF supporters as well as Shabia supporters goes a long way to prove that the great majority of Ethiopian expats have at long last turned their backs on the vocal Diaspora. This snub by both Ethiopians and Eritreans has come as a double whammy to the self-styled Arbegnoch Ginbar in London which had launched a week-long all out campaign to drum-up support for it's anti-Meles demo outside 10 Downing Street.
The Metropolitan Police were out in force to control what the organizers told them would be demonstrators in excess of 200. Shame is also shared with the known anti-Meles websites which called on the vocal Diaspora to converge in London for the demo. In the meantime PM Meles continues to do business as usual in London.

A Conference of Hodgepodges!

Can Atse Haileselassie and Derge functionaries in cooperation with Isaias Afeworki messengers deliver democracy, peace and prosperity to the Horn Region?
The horn of African Region is a volatile region. If it was not for Ethiopia's strong and stable government along with that of Kenya the region would have been prone in a continuous civil strife. Somalia has been without a government for too long and Eritrea is simmering under a brutal one man dictatorship. If it was not for Ethiopia's strong and stable government, the region would have been a safe haven for inferno....Some time next month, a who is who from the Ethiopian Diaspora opposition and extremist messengers of Isaias Afeworki will gather to chart their...".
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Number of Male/Female Candidates for the House of Representatives by major Ethiopian Political organizations for the 2010 Election
org name male female total
eprdf 357 144 501
medrek 406 15 421
aeuo 308 11 319
edp 219 11 230
cudp 120 13 133

Comment:- Forum (Medrek) has one female candidate in Tigrai and two candidates in Amhara for House of Representatives! We can understand the male dominated group that came from the Kinjit or Derg side to Medrek having little regard to women in politics but what is with ARENA?

Arena, the party of once a woyanit Aregash is fielding one female candidate in Tigrai! edo Aregash?

Does the opposition think Ethiopia’s good governance as well as democratic aspiration can be solved without women’s meaningful participation? How can one honestly vote for the opposition hoping they will do better governing with such glaring shortcomings?

The funny thing is EDP while professing the “third way” has 11 women candidates out of 230! Someone needs to explain what kind of liberal democracy the oppositions are following to have such underrepresentation!..(source=

European Union to Send Monitors to Ethiopia Vote, Lawmaker Says
By Jason McLure March 30 (Bloomberg) -- The European Union will send a team of observers to monitor Ethiopia's May 23 national elections, amid complaints by opposition parties that the vote won't be free and fair, a European lawmaker said.
Comment:  Ana Gomez is shuttling between Europe and America in search of a crowd who can lend her a good ear. The problem is all the ears she is getting so far are the same ears she attempted to hoodwink during election 2005 in to believing their party has won! The poor lady is infected with the same sickness as Dr Berhanu of Ginbot 7 and some of the Medrek folks who have flown to Washington DC in search... more

Interview with the Honorable Ato Murad Abdulhadi, the president of Harari region


(Civility pal talk forum)

News & Analysis

Ethiopia launches electric car

Ethiopia has launched an electric car, despite suffering from power shortages. It is only the second African country to do so, after South Africa. Two versions of the Solaris Elettra will be manufactured in Addis Ababa, costing around $12,000 and $15,000.

Comment: It is good BBC has realized Ethiopia's electric shortage.It seems BBC and the likes have a catch 22 story to tell! What will be more interesting is, for BBC to realize and tell readers also the fallacy of International Water and their cohorts attempt to derail the building of GilGel Gibe III Hydro power project. If Ethiopia has shortage of power should it try to build carbon neutral energy source like Gibe III or a carbon rich one?

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The Paradox of its Exercise
Mesfin Ayenew:- There appears to be ferocious and well orchestrated onslaughts to derail the progress made and discredit the achievements accomplished. These attacks have become vicious and frequent at a time when Ethiopia is prepared to hold its fourth national and regional elections. Obviously, these attacks are intended to incite violence and create disorder. This must be opposed categorically...

By Mathza- The objective of this piece is to contribute to the on-going discussion on the jamming of the VOA Amharic program...We, the readers have, since EPRDF came to power, been listening to VOA relentlessly serving the interests of the opposition. It resorts to all kinds of dirty tactics and tricks, and destabilizing propaganda. These include:

Stable Ethiopia now needs international and local support
By Charles Tannock,- Two decades ago, Ethiopia was a Cold War battlefield. On the ideological map of the world, it was Soviet territory, a land of famine, dictatorship and civil war. Today, it ranks among the five fastest-growing economies in the world and is a bastion of regional stability.That stability matters, because the Horn of Africa is becoming a security headache once again. If the region is to be stabilised, Ethiopia will need to play a key part.

HRW’s latest attempt to influence voting in Ethiopia
few weeks ago we warned that Human Rights Watch was probably planning to issue another of its determined attempts to affect the results of Ethiopia’s electoral process. It did just that a week or two before the National and Federal elections in May 2005; it repeated its efforts before the local elections in April 2008. Now it is doing so again, in advance of the May elections this year...

See Also:  A Week in the Horn (26.03.2010)

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Gezana Real Estate A new real estate company, entitled “Gezana” is established to engage in the constriction of modern house.

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