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The Ethiopian Economy at a Glance

Yoseph Kassaye 04/22/10- In November 2009, the Economist magazine, in its edition entitled “The World in 2010” predicted that the Ethiopian economy would grow by 7 percentage points this year. The Magazine further ranked the country to be the 5th fastest growing economy in the world and forecasted that the size of GDP would soon surpass that of Kenya.

Extremism is being increasingly orphaned in North America

W Asemamaw 04/22/10- Weeks ago we had witnessed a failed conference of the extreme fringe Diaspora Ethiopians. Most of the important invited foreign speakers failed to show up for many reasons. Even those foreigners who grudgingly came to the conference were balanced in their speech and bridled in their tones. They did not give the extremist organizers what they wanted.
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ADA raised 1.15 Billion Birr

What a great day for the ADA Telethon held on Sunday, April 18, 2010 at the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
It was our most successful fund raising event ever! We surpassed our Telethon goal thanks to donors and supporters all over the word like you!
The generosity of the Ethiopian people was truly evident. You opened your heart and wallet and pledged unprecedented 1.15 billion (yes with the Capital B) Many thanks also go to our versatile and talented performers, models, organizers, and hosts.
Sincerely, Solomon Tadesse, ADA Executive Director

Ethiopian Election 2010: Debate # 7 -(ALL)

Have Your Say!

Election 2010 Debate and Time Allocation Complaint!

The political debate between the ruling party and opposition groups in Ethiopia has been very informative, we think! The electorate has now a better understanding about the principles and motives behind each organization. EPRDF has accused most if not all oppositions- that they have no alternative to its policy discussed so far. And oppositions have accused EPRDF- that it cannot lead Ethiopia to a better place since it has failed to do over the last 18 years. The final verdict as to who is right and wrong will be heard after May 23 2010 when all votes are counted and winner declared....More

EU vows impartiality in Ethiopia vote monitoring

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) � The head of the European Union's monitoring team for Ethiopia's elections next month vowed Friday to remain impartial after it was accused of bias by Addis Ababa during the 2005 polls.

News & Analysis
International Observers Begin Mission On 2010 Elections
The European Union (EU) Election Observation Mission to Ethiopia's Parliamentary and Regional Election has started an observation mission on April 16, 2010. The mission is led by Thijs Berman, chief observer, and Tony Reis, deputy chief observer.

Comment: -Engineer Gizachew of Medrek could not have been more honest when he said in Mekelle, his organization Medrek is Kinjit "worash"(inheritor). Kinjit in 2005 out of the blue appointed a naive and young Birtukan as vice chair and started the downhill slope to the abyss where it is today. True to form Medrek out of the blue appointed Ato Siye and Dr Negasso to the top leadership while "angafaw" member Prof Mesfin is sidelined. Like Kinjit, Medrek folks are putting their faith on the Diaspora and foreign agents to give them a helping hand thus why Medrek high officials are touring the US this late for the election.

How could the two "UDJ" remain legal entity in Ethiopia when they have named and 'appointed' Birtukan as their chairwoman is begging for an answer? If this is another back-breaking accommodation to inch forward the democratic process, it is wrong!

Ethiopia accuses Egypt of delaying Nile treaty
ADDIS ABABA (AFP) – Ethiopia said Tuesday that it would go ahead with a new deal with six other countries on sharing the waters of the Nile and accused Egypt of "dragging its feet" on a more equitable treaty.

Conduct Unbecoming a Party Leader: Prof. Beyene’s Contempt for AU
Tesfaye Hailu,- It has only been a week since I wrote on the foot-in-mouth syndrome affecting the Ethiopian opposition camp. Unfortunately, it just seems to get worse perhaps now worth issuing election health warning. The latest victim/offender is Prof. Beyene Petros, the current chairperson of the coalition party Medrek

Medrek Develops a New Political Culture in Ethiopia”
By Mhahidere- Andinet- Atlanta, Georgia: A high level delegation of Medrek, a coalition of eight political parties, stated last Saturday in Atlanta that the party is striving to develop and nurture a new political culture in the life of Ethiopian political arena—a culture based on the principles of co-existence and the ability to accommodate each other’s opposing views.

Ethiopian government officials held a watershed moment meeting in Seattle
Seattle April 19, 2010 - A meeting led by Ethiopian government officials was held in Seattle on April 18, 2010 at 2:00 PM.
The Ethiopian government delegates visiting from Ethiopia was led by Minister of Justice Berhan Hailu and included Yohanes Fenta and Berhane KidaneMariam. The meeting was chaired by Los Angeles Ethiopian Consul General Ambassador Taye Atske Sellasie.

Ambassador Shinn distances himself from the extremist Diaspora!
Ambassador Shinn in no uncertain terms said he has nothing to do with the DC conference resolution sponsored by the extremists and Dr Berhanu Nega group! The Ambassador said (see his blog) "... Although I participated in one panel session at the conference, I want to be on the record that I did not have any role in drafting the declaration nor do I agree with significant aspects of it."
Although the Ambassador and sponsors were alerted by friends of Ethiopia that this conference was not about peace and good governance they still went ahead and participated. It is still a mystery why Action Africa and Trans Africa Forum participated in this conference knowing the actors involved but it is not too late for them to denounce the resolution which calls for the overthrow of the current government of Ethiopia by force. They need to join Ambassador Shinn to remain credible advocates of African causes.

US Presidential executive on Somali sanctions
The United States Government has designated a total of eleven people and one organization, under a Presidential Executive Order, freezing any assets they may have...The final name on the list is Yemane Ghebreab, head of Political Affairs in Eritrea’s single party.
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Give an Ethiopian orphan hope ...Ethiopian Orphans and Family Assistance, Inc.

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Amhara Development Association (ADA) London!!!

Amhara Development Association (ADA) Night in London May 29 , 2010

AYAA in Washington DC!!!

AYAA Night in Washington DC on May 29,2010

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Awlaelo Night in Seattle!!!

Awelalao Alumni Night in Seattle, June 19, 2010

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Axum Alumni Night in Las Vegas!!!

Axum Alumni Night in Las Vegas, June 23, 2010

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Queen Sheba Alumni Night in Seattle!!!

Queen Sheba Alumni Night in Seattle, July 2-4, 2010

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Shire night in Washington DC !!!

Shire Night in DC July 3-4 2010

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Agazi night in Adigrat, Ethiopia!!!

Agazi Night in Adigrat, Tigrai July 30 2010

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