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US Presidential executive on Somali sanctions

The United States Government has designated a total of eleven people and one organization, under a Presidential Executive Order, freezing any assets they may have...The final name on the list is Yemane Ghebreab, head of Political Affairs in Eritrea’s single party.
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Current Events
Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi Perofmance Report - April 13, 2010

Ethiopian Election 2010: Debate # 6

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The political, economic and social changes in the Afar Regional State since the coming of EPRDF to power is significant says Ato Mohamed Kedir in an interview with
  Part I    Part II

Interview with Zerihun Teshome

Ato Zerihun Teshome Writer and Zami communication media owner said the Diaspora opposition has little chance of succeeding to bring any change in Ethiopia. Zerihun citing Professor Mesfin as well as known extreme Diaspora opposition figure told Aba Mela from civility forum and online audiences, “…an organization that cannot solve its own internal affairs in a civil and democratic way cannot bring change and democracy to Ethiopia”. As you all know Dr Berhanu’s Ginbot 7 is a splinter from Kinjit and UDJ that chose Asmara politics over legal politics in Addis Ababa.
 To listen to the interview click here

A book “Peace or War? Views on the Ethio-Eritrean Conflict” authored by Dr. Yohannes Kiros was released on march 28, 2010 at Atse Yohannes Hotel, Mekelle (Tigary) Ethiopia

Silence Not Golden In Ethiopia
While a friend and supporter of Ethiopia, the United States nevertheless cannot remain silent on censorship, which runs counter to the country's constitution.
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News & Analysis

President Issayas
A Foolish Foe: A Dangerous Friend

Genenew Assefa -04/15/10- It was a pleasant surprise to hear from Tibebe Samuel, albeit in the guise of an article intended for a broader audience. His piece which seeks to debunk the claim about Issayas’ friendliness towards Ethiopia is cogently argued with pertinent illustrative support. Punctuating his argument with biographical anecdotes, as he does, Tibebe has certainly...

Congratulations Ethiopia!
By Shashu Habtu – April 14, 2010- It is such an incredible win and an amazing era for us to witness the open and fast gain of Ethiopia’s democracy these past eighteen years. Never in the history of Ethiopia have we witnessed such an open dialogue...we are witnessing for the fourth democratic election. It is so heartwarming and encouraging for those..

RRA opens third camp in Tigray state for Eritrean refugees

Addis Ababa, April 15 (WIC) - As part of the effort to protect and assist the seemingly never ending inflow of refugees from Eritrea, the Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA) in close collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) opened the third refugee camp in the Tigray state.
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Obama orders assets of terrorists’ leaders in Somalia including "Eritrean Pres. Advisor Yemane Ghebreab"
(ENA 04/16/10)-According to Washington Examiner, Mail and the Guardian websites the decision came about to deal with a deteriorating security situation in Somalia. The Treasury Department said that it would also freeze the assets of: Abshir Abdillahi, 44; Hassan Abdullah Hersi al-Turki, 66...and Yemane Ghebreab,

Letter to the Editor-Editorial Department Japan Times, Tokyo
Abdirashid Dulane Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia toJapan
RE: Japanese Private Sector is Welcome to Participate in Agricultural Investment in Ethiopia
Dear Mr. /Ms. Editor, I am writing to you in reference to the article featured in your Newsletter on Sunday, the 4th of April 2010 with a headline “Japan, Please don’t go grabbing Ethiopian’s land”. Since the content of the article distort facts and misinforms the readers of your esteemed magazine, I thought I should react to the claims made...

the article was published in (Japan times on 11th April) but due to space limitation the whole version was not fully published.

Ethiopian Community Meeting In Los Angeles.
(Ethiopian Consulate LA)-On April 11, 2010 Federal delegate officials from Ethiopia held a productive meeting with close to two hundred members of the Ethiopian Diaspora, residing in Los Angeles, California. The meeting covered every conceivable political, economic and social issue of today’s Ethiopia.

EU To Dispatch Its Election Observation Mission In Ethiopia Addis Ababa, April 13, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - The Ethiopian government and European Union signed here on Tuesday a memorandum of understanding concerning Observation of the May 2010 national elections in Ethiopia. The agreement was signed by Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister Seyoum Mesfin and European Union Delegation Head, Ambassador Dino Suinigallia. Speaking on the occasion, Seyoum said he was pleased to welcome the decision of the European Union to accept the invitation of the Ethiopian government...


Help a Child Give an Ethiopian orphan hope and a better future by child sponsorship through Ethiopian Orphans and Family Assistance, Inc.

News from ETV

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Gezana Real Estate A new real estate company, entitled “Gezana” is established to engage in the constriction of modern house.

Mark Your Calendar

Washington/DC fundraiser night to build a preparatory school in AbiAdi/Tembien. !!!

Lekatit 11 in Seattle!!!

Seattle is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On April 18, 2010

Lekatit 11 in Denver!!!

Denver is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On May 2, 2010

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