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Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi Perofmance Report - April 13, 2010

EU To Dispatch Its Election Observation Mission In Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, April 13, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - The Ethiopian government and European Union signed here on Tuesday a memorandum of understanding concerning Observation of the May 2010 national elections in Ethiopia. The agreement was signed by Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister Seyoum Mesfin and European Union Delegation Head, Ambassador Dino Suinigallia. Speaking on the occasion, Seyoum said he was pleased to welcome the decision of the European Union to accept the invitation of the Ethiopian government...
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Current Events
Ethiopian Election 2010: Debate # 6

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The political, economic and social changes in the Afar Regional State since the coming of EPRDF to power is significant says Ato Mohamed Kedir in an interview with
  Part I    Part II

Interview with Zerihun Teshome

Ato Zerihun Teshome Writer and Zami communication media owner said the Diaspora opposition has little chance of succeeding to bring any change in Ethiopia. Zerihun citing Professor Mesfin as well as known extreme Diaspora opposition figure told Aba Mela from civility forum and online audiences, “…an organization that cannot solve its own internal affairs in a civil and democratic way cannot bring change and democracy to Ethiopia”. As you all know Dr Berhanu’s Ginbot 7 is a splinter from Kinjit and UDJ that chose Asmara politics over legal politics in Addis Ababa.
 To listen to the interview click here

A book “Peace or War? Views on the Ethio-Eritrean Conflict” authored by Dr. Yohannes Kiros was released on march 28, 2010 at Atse Yohannes Hotel, Mekelle (Tigary) Ethiopia

Silence Not Golden In Ethiopia
While a friend and supporter of Ethiopia, the United States nevertheless cannot remain silent on censorship, which runs counter to the country's constitution.
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Number of Male/Female Candidates for the House of Representatives by major Ethiopian Political organizations for the 2010 Election(source=
org name male female total
eprdf 357 144 501
medrek 406 15 421
aeuo 308 11 319
edp 219 11 230
cudp 120 13 133

Comment:- Looking at the numbers, there is no way MEDREK can win out right majority in the upcoming election. To begin with MEDREK has 80 or so less candidates than EPRDF! To have absolute majority, MEDREK candidates will need to win nearly all the seats they are competing! And for a simple majority nearly 60% of seats! This is a tall order to achieve given Four major opposition parties are competing in this election: EPRDF, EDP, AEUO and CUDP! People may have wrong impression about Dr Merara as goofy, but we think the man has been talking the truth about MEDREK all along when he said "his organization is for joint/coalition government" so to speak! In other words MEDREK is not ready to govern the country by itself! Who can form a joint governemnt with MEDREK? We know MEDREK does not like EDP and AEUO!

To contact Ato Atakilti

News & Analysis
Positive Culture Shock: EPRDF’s Planned Generational Leadership Change
Alem Habtu- Apr 11, 2010- Ethiopia’s multicultural federation has existed for almost a decade and a half. For a society that has experienced monarchic absolutism and military or communist totalitarianism heretofore, the creation and maintenance of the controversial federal system established in the 1990s is in and of itself no small achievement...

(from Reporter)

Is science Africa's doorway to success?
A week after Ethiopia unveiled its electric car, scientists there have set up the country's first science academy.
Ethiopia now joins countries like Tanzania, Mauritius and Zambia that are renewing their commitment to science and technology by setting up academies.

Medrek held a successful meeting in San Jose California.
San Jose 04/11/10 (Aigaforum)- Medrek officials led by Eng Gizachew and Aite Gebru Asrat held a successful meeting with supporters. The officials which included Dr Negasso briefed the audience on their mission and their take on the democratic process in Ethiopia. Eng Gizachew affirmed his unwavering stand and support to a peaceful struggle

Ethiopian Delegation in tour of the US.
/April 11, 2010/ A high level Ethiopian delegation headed by His Excellency Mr. Abdulaziz Mohamed, V/ President of the Oromia Regional State is currently touring the US to apprise members of the Ethiopian Diaspora on topical issues pertaining to development, investment and the on-going Election process which is due to consummate by the end of the third week of May 2010

There is always a growing pain every young organization must face but the one UDJ is facing is unique. UDJ dumped/fired many supporters to secure Ato Siye and Dr Negasso. Two individuals who have passed their prime time in politics!

Conference turned out to be a Fiasco for the few Extremist Diaspora organizers!
Washington DC 04/09/10 (Aigaforum):- The much hyped conference duped as “horn of Africa… conference” but was in reality a conference for Extremist Ethiopian Diaspora elements started today with a dismal attendance and a significant number of invitees opting not to show up. Organizers had hoped their event would draw....

Ensuring the integrity of the upcoming elections: the regional context revisited
It has been quite some time since the ideals of multi-party democracy, good governance and human rights spread around the world. Today, there’s a growing consensus that democracy...In this respect we can confidently assert that Ethiopia has been steadily leading this campaign for good governance through the number of measures it has taken both in the domestic political sphere as well as in the context
See also:   A Week in the Horn (09.04.2010)

The Monthly Publication from the Ethiopian Embassy in London
  • Top UK civil servant praises Ethiopia’s progress
  • IMF praises Ethiopia’s economic achievements
  • PM Meles co-chair’s climate change group...

  • EPRDF Supporters Forum Open letter to Trans African Forum and Africa Action in regard to their participation in the upcoming conference on “Horn of Africa” organized by EPRDF opposition forces in Diaspora!
    Letter to Trans Africa
    Letter to Africa Action

    A Joint Statement by Community Organizations of Ethiopian Origin in Diaspora Regarding the Debate on Ethiopian Federalism
    Harar Interest Advocacy Group International 04/07/2010- First and foremost we would like to express our appreciation and support for the process of social, economic and democratic developments which are being undertaken in Ethiopia. Henceforth, we honour and acknowledge the commitment of the Ethiopian government for its continuous effort to facilitate and consolidate the processes and advance peace, stability and security...


    Help a Child Give an Ethiopian orphan hope and a better future by child sponsorship through Ethiopian Orphans and Family Assistance, Inc.

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    Gezana Real Estate A new real estate company, entitled “Gezana” is established to engage in the constriction of modern house.

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    Washington/DC fundraiser night to build a preparatory school in AbiAdi/Tembien. !!!

    Lekatit 11 in Seattle!!!

    Seattle is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On April 18, 2010

    Lekatit 11 in Denver!!!

    Denver is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On May 2, 2010

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