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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi sits down with Channel 4 News
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Current Events

Thought for Today

Aim for the moon...even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars. author unknown

Did you know?

Shaibia (Eritrean gov) office in Washington DC is busy selling Tesfaye Gebrab's latest book? And you thought Tesfaye is who he said he was?No wonder Tesfay is where he is today far away from Ethiopia!

The rising Tent City of America

Excerpts from Current Affairs online chat room interview with Aite Siye Abraha! How does one build a coalition with such folks?

 VOA Tigrigna with Prof Tesfatsion

Time Out!

Are you aware that at five minutes and six seconds 4am on July 8th this year, the time and date will read as follows:
04:05:06: 07/08/09
And this will never ever happen again!
(thank you reader!)

Have Your Say!

The current opposition forces realignment is getting interesting. Who could have thought Eng Hailu Shawel organization will team up with EPRP knowing the Engineer walked out from EPRP’s baby, a Front called Hibert way back when!... What triggered me to send this comment is, the fact that, Engineer Hailu supporters, supported by EPRP supporters in Germany, staged a demonstration to stop Tubingen city from formalizing a sister city relationship with Mekelle...more...[Fanus from Germany]!

Ben's Point of View on Mekelle - Tubingen sister city saga

EthiopiaFirst, Mar 28th, 2009

OLF and ONLF demonstration

The extremist who were huffing and puffing to be in London were nowhere to be found, but we found few OLF and ONLF supporters mingled in between all African protesters. So in fairness we ask our readers to visit BBC and learn what these people are complaining…about a president of Ethiopia? Need more to be convinced that the extremists do not have a message worthy to be noticed!

PM Meles, Far Right, G20 Leaders with Queen Elizabeth II

Students generate electric power on small river

Jimma, April 1 (WIC) - Students of technology faculty at the Jimma University generate electric power on a small river flowing in Dusta kebelle of Gera woreda.

Dutch, Ethiopians Inaugurate 'Environmental Friendly' Flower Farm
Addis Ababa — Fressia Ethiopia Company established by Dutch and Ethiopian stakeholders on Saturday inaugurated a new and 'environmental friendly' flower farm in Sululta, 30km north of the capital.

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Gold medal winner Gebre-egziabher Gebremariam of Ethiopia, center, stands with silver medalist Moses Ndiema Kipsiro of Uganda, left, and bronze medalist Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea after the senior mens race at the 37th (IAAF) World Cross Country Championships in Amman, Jordan,Saturday, March 28 ...(While Gebregziabher is hugging Zeresenay an Eritrean, showing his Ethiopian age old culture of love thy neighbor, the Eritrean government on the other hand could not hide its displeasure of Gebre coming first! So much so it failed to name Gebre as the winner of the event when it reported to its captive citizens!)

For Your Information!
The Ethiopian Consulate General office in Los Angeles has now made available an online application form for Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation ( EEPCO) Millennium Bond. Prospective buyers can now fill the form and send their application online or type, print and mail the form to the Consulate General office. For an on line application form and instruction please click at application

The new consulate web has also an online visa and passport application forms as well as sample power of Attorney letters.

Views, Commentaries and more...

Gordon Brown doesn’t need the advice of brooding pessimists.
In response to S.M.N.E.’s Open Letter to Premier Gordon Brown

The movie "15 minutes operation" Will be screened again in Washington DC on Sunday April 5, starting at 4.30PM at Howard university, blackburn center. More

Tehadso, a Dimtsi Woyane Weekly Program

A very heart warming story of a disabled veteran who is doing extraordinary things to win the battle against poverty!
Sunday,March 29, 2009

Author and prolific writer Atakilti Hagos seeks your help! Aite Atakilti is an author of many books and one of the few authors we have who have written books in Tigrigna language. He is currently in the middle of finishing the script for an upcoming film based on the experience of the Revolution,also known as Woyane!, that toppled the murderous Derge regime in Ethiopia More on the upcoming film

Mark Your Calendar!

The Organising Committee of Agazi School Alumni Association UK Chapter is cordially inviting all members and non-members who support its development efforts to a cultural event in South London.
Date: Saturday Night, 2nd May 2009
Time: From 5.00pm to 5.00am
Place: 211 Clapham Road, Stockwell, SW9

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