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Current Events

Mulugeta Hishe May 2016




The New Adwa Hospital Project Site- May 2016


AESAONE 2016 Alexandria, VA


Global firms jostle for space in Ethiopia's upcoming industrial park


Ben's Point of View: May 19th, 2016 - Part2


Tsenat Interview with W/ro Fanaye
from Wafa



On May 28/2016 at 3:00 PM there will be a Araya Zerihun book launching event at the Ethiopian Consulate General Office in Los Angeles Venue: 3250 Wilshire Boulevard # 1101 Los Angeles, California, 90010.


Adwa "Pan African University" The discussion was held at Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa - May 13,v2016



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News, Analysis & Articles
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Formally Announces his Candidacy for WHO Director-General
I am here today to announce my candidacy for Director-General of the World Health Organization, and also to tell you why I am running. And I’ll also briefly touch on my vision and the way ahead.On why I’m running, as you know, WHO is at a crossroads.This is an amazing time in global health. When we look around the world, we see incredible...

A new mega hydroelectric project in Ethiopia for Salini Impregilo €2.5 billion contract signed for the Koysha dam
Salini Impregilo continues to be a partner in development for Ethiopia as it will build a new hydroelectric plant in the Koysha area. The new megaproject is worth €2.5 billion and will have an installed capacity of 2,200 MW.
ዘይ-ሐቅነታዊ መብርሂ ጀነራል ስብሃት ኤፍሬም ብሓቂ ክብርእን !
ሰናይ ከሰተ ግንቦት 2016 አለክሳንድርያ ቪርጂኒያ

Hundreds of thousands in 500 cities worldwide protest against Monsanto
Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated in nearly 50 countries around the globe to protest against the US mega producer company of genetically engineered (GE) seeds Monsanto ...see also  Monsanto Has Been Removed And Banned By...

Eritrea dismisses criticism to celebrate 25 years of 'freedom'
Eritrea celebrated 25 years of independence on Tuesday with street parties, giant fireworks displays and music, shrugging off international criticism that the government has stifled basic freedoms. For a quarter of a century Eritreans are living in a constitution-less country!Do Eritreans know every country in the world has a constitution and still is able to defend its territory! How can Eritreans be fooled so long that defending Eritrea requires an Eritrea that is pariah and with out a constitution? What "Mekete"?
Multiculturalism Proved to be the Right Fix to Ethiopia after a Disastrous Century

Mesle A. 05-24-16 - Ethiopia is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its new beginning, the establishment of the multicultural federal republic. A quarter of a century ago, Ethiopia abandoned the excessive centralization ...

Japan Tobacco Makes $510 Million Top Bid for Ethiopia Monopoly
Japan Tobacco Inc., the seller of Camel and Winston cigarettes outside the U.S., made the highest bid to acquire 40 percent of Ethiopia’s monopoly tobacco company, according to the government.The $510 million offer to buy a stake in National Tobacco Enterprise was more than double the next highest bid of $230 million by British American Tobacco Plc,

Ethiopia – Canada Trade and Investment Forum completed successfully!
The Ethiopia-Canada Trade and Investment Forum was organized by Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Canada in collaboration with WAFA Marketing and Promotion ,Amara Regional state and MINEAfrica inc...
Establishing the Ethio-Adwa Pan-African University: Some Suggestions
Professor Desta, Asayehgn May 2016
The Two Decades that Proved the Ethiopian Model
Mesle A. 05-23-16 - The 28th of May 1991, was a transformative day in Ethiopian history. The day ushered a new beginning that heralded the end of Ethiopia’s downward spiral and the long walk to return to its ancient glory.
ስስዐ ሻዕብያ ኣብ ፈላማይ ድብያ
ብተጋዳላይ ፅገ ሃይለማርያም 05-23-16

ጨዋታው ያብቃ!!
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 05-23-16

Is the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia?
The monks who live in the small church of Saint Mary of Zion — also known as the “Chapel of the Ark” — in the sacred Ethiopian city of Aksum are forbidden to go beyond the bars surrounding the chapel.

A book Signing and an Appreciation Ceremony held at the Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington, D.C.
Embassy of Ethiopia, May 21, 2016
Amhara President Ato Gedu Los Angeles Meeting Report - May 21, 2016
Ethiopia delegation (H.E. Ato Gedu Andargachew, H.E Ato Kassa T/Berhane, H.E Ato Eshetu Dessie and Habtamu Adunga ) led by H.E Ato Gedu Andargachew president of the Amhara regional State held a fruitful discussion

Africa's Wannabe Mao With a Mustache
In October 2013, scores of people from Eritrea drowned when the boat that had promised to carry them to Europe sank. Since then — and despite the clear danger of the journey — the number of asylum-seekers from this small East African nation, population 6.3 million,

The Dichotomy of Eritrean Independence Day
Ezana Sehay 05/20/2016 - Amid the pernicious situation in the country; Eritreans inside and elsewhere in the world, nevertheless, are gearing to flood the streets in a mix of celebration and protest, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the country’s independence.
Ethiopia: Sugar Production Grows Slowly due to Construction Delays and Drought
With increased processing capacity and better weather conditions expected to prevail, sugar production is forecast to climb to 370,000 metric tons in MY16/17 (May-Apr). MY15/16 production, while up year-over-year, was lower than expected ...
Deciphering the coded message by the U.S State Department
Bereket Gebru 05-21-16 - The U.S State Department has recently released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2015. The report is the latest of the department’s annual report on the state of human rights...
Linkages between Economic Growth and Food Security:An Eclectic Perspective
Professor Desta, Asayehgn May 2016
A Week in the Horn 20.5.2016
MoFA 05-21-16

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