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Wurayna with Abebe Teklehaymanot - On the genesis of Ethio-Eritrea war, Gebru, TPLF and Democracy

What an honest review on Gebru's Book! It is really amazing how many articulate and far sighted Tedadletis TPLF had who are not blinded by personal issues when judging events! A must Read! Order the hard copy!




Rwanda and Ethiopia Leaders Press Briefing in Addis and Report from the Business Forum held in Addis Ababa April 17,2015


KEFI breaks new ground with landmark Ethiopian licence


… a friend
Haileselassie Beyene Tesfai
On the 4th anniversary of the Renaissance Dam.


Round Table Discussion on Current Diaspora Politics and Latest Extremist Mission...TG TV April 2015

(The best tool we have to defeat the remaining diehard of the extremists is not to give them our ears and eyes since they are desperately seeking our attention. They have been exposed over the years and the public knows them well!Let them cross the red line and the law of the land where ever they are will catch with them! )


To Class of 1977 ( E C )
Members of Class of 1977 (EC) of Agazi High School can send their thoughts, reflections, and suggestions about the idea of having the proposed high school reunion through e-mail at


Interview with Zerihun Teshome of Zami Radio

  Hager Fikir Interview
  Tsenat Interview


News, Analysis & Articles

Protecting Ethiopia's gluten-free 'superfood'

The world often gets excited about so-called superfoods - the vegetables and fruit deemed to be highly nourishing Ethiopian teff is one such example. It is the world's smallest grain and is used to make injera bread, a staple in the East African region.

Terrorism: inane of itself—is the philosophy of the cowards, Ethiopian should think twice when the deal is too good

Ali Sheikh 04-17-15

Amplified scholarly efforts in the run up to the elections
Bereket Gebru 04-17-15.

Maryihun Tsegay 04-17-15

A Week in the Horn 17.4.2015
MoFA 04-17-15

A Major Shift of Policy for the United States?
  + Video... A Major Shift of Policy for the United States: The days may be numbered for groups like Ginbot 7 and Extremists who are in bed with rouge regime of Eritrea and terrorists while living in the United States!!!

Press Release IFC Supports Rural Employment in Ethiopia with Investment in Afriflora
Washington DC, April 13, 2015— IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, will lend up to €90 million to support Afriflora Group, a leading large-scale rose grower and distributor based in Ethiopia that employs more than 9,000 workers, ...

Two Wrongs Don’t make a Right
Ye Ato BayeLij 04-16-15

ስሚንቶ መሰቦ መን ሓሰቦ?
ወዲ እምበይተይ ካብ ከተማ መቐለ 04-16-15 - [We will try to check if this story holds true althpoug the author has given us his word!]

የኢሳያስ ውሾች !!
አርጋው በየነ 04-16-15

Made in Africa Industrial Policy in Ethiopia
Made in Africa presents the findings of original field research into the design, practice, and varied outcomes of industrial policy in the cement, leather and leather products, and floriculture sectors in Ethiopia...[The book is based on Arkebe Oqubay's PhD dissertation ... will be available this coming summer and is from Oxford University Press! Wonder what the shameless extremists will say now? Who will they call now?Reviewers

Are any policy changes visible in Eritrea? Can an EU resumption of aid bring these about?
Bekuretsion Asgedom April 15,2015 - Just a few weeks ago, the EU announced it was prepared to channel a multi-million Euro package of aid to assist the Eritrean regime...

Ethio-Egypt: Beyond the Nile File
Molla Mitiku Ayenew April 2015

Ethiopia Civil Industrial Explosive Engineering Association 3rd Hedase Dam Bond Buy Reportage..................   Reportage

Community based Approach to Support Education and Scientific Research in Ethiopia
Abebe Kebede NC A&T State University, Greensboro, North Carolina

Inept Journalism Gone Loose - A Response to the Commentary Entitled “Kenya Can’t, Won’t be Ethiopia” .
Desta B. Sbhatu 04-13-15

African Leaders Need to Leapfrog the Shacles of Convention" Say Experts
The programme for this year’s eLearning Africa, which is being co-organised by the African Union and co-hosted by the Government of Ethiopia, reflects the extraordinary breadth and pace of change underway in African education ...

Africa's Next Hegemon: Behind Ethiopia's Power Plays.
In 1991, as the Cold War drew to an end, the only African country that had never been colonized by European imperialists was but a pale reflection of the Great Ethiopia that generations of the kingdom’s monarchs had pursued. A million people lay dead following two decades of civil war. .... See Also:Africa's Next Hegemon

Restoring Ethiopia's forestland at a historic pace.
Sara Shibeshsi 04-12-15

Ethiopia, Djibouti lay a founding stone for the construction of Center for Afars’ Culture, Language.
Addis Ababa, 12 April 2015 (WIC) – As there is nothing that differs Ethiopian and Djiboutian Afars, they have to work together in keeping and maintaining their language and culture, Ministery of Culture & Muslim affairs of Djibouti said

Saudi demands Iran stop backing Yemen rebels.
Riyadh on Sunday demanded Tehran stop backing Shiite rebels in Yemen but insisted it is "not at war with Iran",

Ethiopia: Dispelling the Curse of the Nile.
War has been avoided. As Yemen becomes the latest battleground in what future historians might call the Middle East's "World War",...[The so called experts should somehow show humility and accept defeat and say sorry about the future water war they told us about! Also, Ethiopia is not building the current Dam for irrigation use and War with Ethiopia is the least desired option for any sane government in the region when it comes to negotiation on water use! ]

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