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ZETE Aigaforum: Interview with Irob Intellectuals


Tsenat Radio Interview with Meles Alem spokesman of Foreign Ministry of Ethiopia - June 2018



Registration For The Tigray Grand Conference, July 18-22, 2018, Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia (This form is only for participants from out side Ethiopia)
Dear Fellow Participants, As you may be aware, the Grand Tigray Conference will take place between 18 and 22 July 2018 in Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia.




PM Abiy first parliament appearance - June 18, 2018

Mixed Feeling: PM Abiy appeared to be sincere and speaking from his inner soul when it comes to forgiveness and Tigrai people! Thank you for that! When it comes to some constitutional transgression, he seems to be defensive. It is understandable why he resorted to defending some of the glaring mistakes he has made but it would have been good had he asked parliament to recant the terrorism law and anti-corruption law before allowing the release of the prisoners! Two wrongs do not make right PM Abiy! If Meles was wrong you do not need to be wrong! Above all thank you for recognizing the issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia is about people not borders!


Irob People Demonstrating in Adigrat for the Integrity of their territory and their people!


If we did not compromise on who we were during the 1984 famine we can not do it now! The reasons we value who we are no matter what may be many but our culture is one! ሸጥ መዓንጣ and do your part to protect our martyrs legacy!


Colonel Kibrom Gebremariam Passed Away

Our Condolence to the family of Colonel Kibrom. Aigaforum is very grateful and blessed to have known Colonel Kibrom - Rest in Peace Brother!


News, Analysis & Articles

Port Politics:- After thinking out loud why PM Abiy decided to start his new assignment as a premier with a full-blown campaign to own and develop ports in neighboring countries, it dawned on me, what PM Meles said a long time ago.! Meles said ports are commodities and Ethiopia will not be fighting to use Assab or Massaw! If there is anything PM Abiy has cemented it is PM Meles's line of thinking on this issue! PM Abiy went shopping around the Horn Region starting with Kenya all the way up to Sudan! The only missing country from his itinerary was Eritrea! Thanks to Meles's wisdom, after years of neglect, Isaias Afeworki is ready to negotiate with Ethiopia so Assab and Massawa compete against Port Sudan, Berbera not to mention Djibouti! Who said, "ምቕናይ ጽቡቕ"(good to stay around). Ports are indeed a commodity for Ethiopia!
Zeru Hagos June 2018

Dr. Debretsion Tigrai Deputy President Detail Briefing on Current Issues on the Occasion of Martyrs Day part 1- June 18, 2018

Why you should invest in Ethiopia
On her final stop for Standard Bank's Africa Connected in Ethiopia, Pan-African broadcaster Lee Kasumba talks to the Ethiopian Ambassador to South Africa, Dr Shiferaw Teklemariam to find how the country is attracting potential investment

Dhiifamaan haa mo’annu !
Yoonaas Toleeraa 06-22-18 - Barreeffama koo har’aa keessatti, ibsa torban darbe kana MM FDRI Dr.Abiy Mana Maree Bakka bu’oota Uummataaf kennanii fi gaaffilee waa’ee dhiifamaayeroo ammaa kana kanneen Mana sirreessaa jiraniif gochaa jiran ilaalchisee karaa kabajamoo MMBBU tokko tokootiin isaaniif dhiyaateef deebii isaan kennaniif waliin ilaalla.

Ethiopia's Geopolitical Ambitions Could Bring about Its Downfall
As a large and populated country with a fast-growing economy, Ethiopia plays an important role in the geopolitics of the Horn of Africa. Two recent moves clearly signal its willingness to further increase its regional influence: first, the unprecedented offer to accept a negotiated settlement on the longstanding dispute with neighboring Eritrea; second, its declared intention to develop a Navy in spite of its status as...

Employers Confederation vies for Al-Amoudi's release
The newly formed Ethiopian Employers’ Confederation is preparing to request the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the release of their colleague Sheik Mohammed Ali Al-Amoudi, Saudi-born Business tycoon and Chairman of MIDROC Ethiopia.

ካልአይዕድል- ንመደላድል
ገብረየሱስ ረዳ (ወዲ ረዳ)፡ሰነ 14, 2010 ዓ.ም

When in Rome, do as the Romans do
Ewnetu Haile 06-20-18 - The proverb goes: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The meaning of the expression is that it is advantageous to abide by the customs of a society when one is a visitor. Not abiding by the customs could mean alienating oneself and constantly clashing with the majority...

Eritrea breaks silence and responds to Ethiopia peace overtures, will send delegation
ADDIS ABABA, Ethi­o­pia — Two weeks after Ethiopia made the surprise announcement it was ready to accept a nearly 20-year-old peace deal with Eritrea, the reclusive country’s leader said Wednesday it would send a delegation to Addis Ababa to discuss the matter.The move brings a glimmer of hope to solve one of the bloodiest and most intractable conflicts in the Horn of Africa

FYI: Ethio-Eritrea Peace Deal in the Making! - June 19, 2018
After huffing and puffing for over 18 years Isaias Afeworki seems inclined to accept Ethiopia's offer for an all-around peace negotiation. According to Eritrean TV, Isaias Afeworki is dispatching delegates to Addis Ababa to discuss with PM Abiy on the future peace deal. Though Isaias Afeworki is saying he is doing this after a long behind the scene work with President Trump, sources say, this is simply a face-saving. If you recall TPLF and the EPRDF government also said they have accepted the Algiers agreement without any precondition. At last the two countries may come to terms to live side by side - one as a democratic country the other one as one man ruled country! We wish success to the negotation so the people living in the border areas live in peace! Aigaforum, June 19, 2018

On PM Abiy Reflections on the Questions Raised by Parliamentarians

E. T. Atalay 06-19-18 I heard the PM's reflections on the questions raised by parliamentarians here: (18 July 2018): I am very sure that many people are so amused by his articulation and power to speak. It could really look fine or convincing to the ordinary listener. Nonetheless, the speech was full of...

United Arab Emirates gives Ethiopia $1 billion lifeline to ease foreign exchange crisis
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is to deposit $1 billion in Ethiopia's central bank to ease the latter's foreign exchange shortage.The sum is part of a total of a $3 billion aid and investment pledge from the UAE to Ethiopia announced Friday.
Ethiopia's narrative has already changed! The narrative of growth and promising FDI inflows is gone! The narrative now is AID and Donation! The story of creating manufacturing hub is replaced by the story of selling assets. Yet most Ethiopians are saying nothing! Do Ethiopians have another country or are we missing something here? PM Abiy we are amazed by your idealist position of creating a borderless horn of Africa region that includes Al-Shabab infested Somalia and the constitution less Eritrea led by a one-man crew! Man concentrate on saving Ethiopia's economy first. Follow the developmental State model that has worked so far significantly. All you need to do is add sound management and able managers! Otherwise, integration will come in time, no need to hurry now. First reconcile the Ethnic difference within, then dream big! With your own words, you told your own people not to treat Tigreans the same way as TPLF(ወይ መዓልቲ!) yet you want to talk about Horn of Africa!

A Bad Precedent: ‘Like Oromia, Like Sidama’
Kalayu Yohannes 06-17-18 The Machiavellian adage- ‘the end justifies the means’- may have worked well for many who want to come to power and retain it as long as they could. Nevertheless, not all have been fortunate. The violence and sheer hooliganism that almost broke Ethiopia into pieces is celebrated as a peaceful color revolution...

Du’aa ol; Jiruu gadi
Ibsa Namarraa 06-18-18 Waggoota digdama duura, Ebla 28 bara 1990 oduun wanta Itiyoophiyaantoonni gonkuma niraawwatamaa jeedhanii hinyaadne tokko dhagaahame. Oduun kun huumni looltoota Eritraan dangaa ceeyee lafa Itiyoophiyaa qabachu isaa kan addeessuu ture.

President Mulatu Inaugurated Raya University.
June 17, 2018 - Raya University the latest among the dozen new universities in Ethiopia was inaugurated by President Mulatu. Southern Tigrai is home to the renowned Tilahun Yigzaw, student union activist who gave his life in the early sixties. His death triggered the Ethiopian revolution that gave birth to the revolutionary democrats who are instrumental for the amazing expansion of higher education.

Adaptive Leadership: Suggestions for the Ethiopian Political Elite
June 16, 2018 - Leadership— the action of leading people in a nation or organization towards achieving goals—plays a critical role in society. Leaders of nations deliver high-quality political goods to citizens, including safety and security, rule of law, active participation and human rights, and sustainable economic and human development. Countries that had leaders with the capacity and drive to deliver these “goods” were able to advance their societies.

Somalia, Ethiopia to jointly invest in four seaports on the Red Sea
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia and Ethiopia announced they were jointly investing in four seaports to attract foreign investment to their two countries, the latest move in a tussle for access to ports along one of the world’s most strategic waterways.
Is it us or everyone else who is bewildered by all the ports deals young PM Abiy is trying to invest and participate in the region? Sudan, Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia besides Kenya are all promised a joint investment to develop their ports! Does Ethiopia really have the know-how or money to do all of this or is it a wish list. Despite our reservation of such news because it is simply a propaganda to create a positive image by enablers of the status quo in Ethiopia, we are glad PM Abiy has at least highlighted the need to own a port! The problem is why is PM Abiy not worried about people- people like those in Badme and Irob and Bure! It is all about people PM Abiy, hear them!

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