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Powerful Ethiopian party accuses government of ethnic crackdown
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - A powerful party in Ethiopia's government accused authorities of arresting members of its ethnic group in a politically-driven crackdown- an unprecedented public charge exposing deep rifts at the heart of the ruling elite.The accusation marked growing tensions between elements in the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)- a movement that has dominated Ethiopia for decades - and new...
ስለ ለውጡ የገባው ሰው ካለ ቢያስረዳኝ
ዶ/ር ዮሃንስ አበራ አየለ (ተ.ፕሮ)11-20-18
Deputy President Debretsion (Ph.D.) briefing on Current Issues
Nov 19, 2018

For a Full Audio Recording Briefing - Part1

Briefing - Part2

እቲ ዙር ይኸርር ኣሎ
ፍስሃ መረሳ 11-20-18
What Does it Take to be Successful in Fighting Corruption?Lessons to Learn
Teshome Beyene Berhe 11-19-18 - Corruption could take many forms and shapes. All the same, the crux of it is that there is involvement in the abuse of entrusted power to advance a private interest. In the current month (Nov 2018), the dominant political story is corruption. The climax of the story is to be found in the imprisonment of dozens of army officers...
An Open Letter to Dr Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia PM and Isaias Afewerki, Eritrea President
Mohamud Aden Samatar 11-19-18 - ​Somaliland welcomes the waves of political change taking place in the Horn of Africa, the democratization of Ethiopia spearheaded by Dr Abiy Ahmed and the normalization of relation between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and also the easing of the alleged accusation of Somalia about Eritrea supporting Al-shabaab terrorist .
Response to Professor Teshome Abebe's 'the water has reached its edge'
Gebreselema Hailemichael 11-19-18 - I have read your article with the above title. I have been reading your articles for a couple of years. In your previous articles which you were trying to be in the middle, you were Mehal Safari. You never bashed TPLF as you did in this most recent article. I think you got the impression that TPLF....

Response to Teshome Abebe's 'the water has reached its edge'- Keep auditioning Prof!
M. Gettaw, November 18, 2018 - It is sickening to repeatedly see that those who prefix their names with 'Professor' of some kind would blindly fabricate and lie as if the readers can't fact check or understand what they write. A recent good example is.... "
"ጤፍ ከሰጠው ምላስ የሰጠው ይበልጣል!"
(ከገራገር ዘበርጋ፡- 11/03/2011 ዓ.ም)
The women smashing Ethiopia's glass ceiling
Ethiopians like to say they were ruled by Queen Sheba in biblical times - something they take great pride in, yet the reality is that the Horn of Africa state is a deeply male-dominated society.As gender and law consultant Hilina Birhanu puts it: "Patriarchy is our society's mother tongue. We learn from early to look down on women."
Teshome Abebe November 17, 2018. - Sorkin and Lunden (Power and Morality, 1959) asserted in great statistical detail that the criminality of the rulers is many times higher than that of the ruled population. For example, regarding "the crimes of aggravated assault, rape and other sex offenses, robbery, burglary, theft, larceny, embezzlement, fraud and forgery, and other lesser crimes against person, property, and good mores, the rates of the rulers in these.... "
Ambiguity on corruption Scandal in Ethiopia.
Luel Gebremedhin (USA) November 18, 2018. - Corruption and human rights violation have enormous negative impacts in Ethiopia’s internal democracy and stability at large. Corruption rate during the administration of late PM honorable Meles Zenawi has been at an inflammation stage and peace and development were relatively stable ....
Open Letter to Dr. Abiy Ahmed the PM of Ethiopia
Ermias Hailu November 15, 2018 - Wishing you God’s protection, health and success in your hard work to stabilize and transform Ethiopia, I would like to commend you on the various actions you have taken so far after assuming power, especially the release of prisoners, peace with Eritrea, invitation of all of the political forces to Ethiopia and liberalization of the political pace and ....
Ethiopia Courts Pharmaceuticals Investors as Demand Surge Seen
Ethiopia is offering tax breaks and other incentives to lure foreign drugs manufacturers as the government forecasts demand will increase by almost a third by the end of the decade.Ethiopians spend $700 million a year on pharmaceuticals, only a fifth of which are produced locally. Spending on medication is expected to grow to more than $900 million by 2020
Ethiopian ambassador visits university and meets scholarship students
The Ethiopian ambassador to the United Kingdom, H.E. Dr Hailemichael Aberra Afework, has spent the day at The University of Manchester, exploring the many links between the University and Ethiopia and meeting the first students from Ethiopia to be awarded the university's Equity and Merit scholarships.
Eritrea breakthrough as UN sanctions lifted
The UN Security Council has unanimously agreed to lift sanctions against Eritrea after nine years. An arms embargo, asset freeze, and travel ban were imposed in 2009 amid claims Eritrea supported al-Shabab militants in Somalia. Eritrea always denied the accusations.
Ethiopia Peace Corps Diary
Part 1. Zewale Zegeye -It was better than any college or high school reunion to see old friends and colleagues with whom 49 years ago I shared an adventure and life changing experience.On September 13th, The Embassy of Ethiopia, in honor of the fiftieth year anniversary of the founding of the Peace Corps.
Annual Statement from TDA North America Board
TDA NA 11-14-18
Seb Hidri Statement on Current Issue
Seb Hidri 11-14-18
Ethiopia inaugurates 41 water tanks
The government of Ethiopia through Xuzhou Construction machinery Group (XCMG) has inaugurated 41 water tanks set to benefit over 600 household in the village of Goleba Qulito, in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia.
Willful Ignorance or Legitimate Grievance?
Samuel Estefanous November 13, 2018 Lately some Tigrean intellectuals are acting like a cat on hot tin roof-anxious, confused and worried, that is. For good reason, indeed. Who would blame them seeing that the presumably impregnable solid ‘mesmer’ they have been glorifying invariably is crumbling ....
Does Ethiopia Need to Start Truth and Reconciliation Process?
Assefa A. Lemu11-12-18 -The history of modern truth and reconciliation process goes back to Leipzig War Crimes Trials held in May to July 1921 before the Reichsgericht (German Supreme Court) in Leipzig, Germany, to prosecute alleged German war criminals of the World War I (1914-1918) as part of the penalties imposed on the German Government ....
Land Claim or Identity Problem?
Belihu Amare 11-12-18 - It is over two years since we have been hearing conflicts, displacement and killings related with the ownership of Wolkaite. The Amhara believe Wolkaite is Amhara land. Recently similar complaint has also been raised about Raya identity. The main justification they give for the ownership of the land is during....

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

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