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An amazing satire on PM Hailemariam resignation!




EPRDF Statement on PM Hailemariam Resignation


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Ethio- UK Renewable Energy Cooperation/English Version/


World Bank urges East Africa to accelerate electricity cooperation


Sheikh Salahadin Wazir/Sheikh Abadir Interview with Amb Kassa interview




Ethiopia-Becoming Energy Hub


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Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

Ethiopia: Minister Siraj Fegessa Press Briefing on Emergency Decree - ENN Feb 17, 2018

Ethiopia bans protests, publications that incite violence during emergency rule
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia’s state of emergency imposed on Friday includes a ban on protests and publications that incite violence, Defense Minister Siraj Fegessa said on Saturday.The move was made a day after Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced his surprise resignation in a televised speech on Thursday, saying he wanted to smooth the way for further reforms.

US indicts 13 Russian nationals for election interference
WASHINGTON: US Special Counsel Robert Mueller today announced the indictments of 13 Russian nationals and three companies for alleged interference with the 2016 election. According to the unsealed indictment the accused conspired -- from 2014 until today -- to interfere "with the US political and electoral processes, including the presidential election of 2016."

ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ሀይለማርያምን ማን ይተካቸው?
አለባቸው ሁነኛው የካቲት 10 ቀን 2010

The Ethiopian government can not keep shooting its own foot for too long and expect to survive. Almost for two days now social media has been heralding an imminent emergency decree! This is unlike EPRDF! Here in the states the Trump administration is facing unexpected high level of leaks from insiders!Even though President Trump does not agree the reason is one and simple. The Trump presidency is unlike any other presidency thus why people are leaking inside information left and right. Now, if the new EPRDF government expects to win the people's heart it needs to control its affairs and release information on time to the public. If social media has become the new tool to disseminate information, the government must use its own social media! Enough short circuiting the institutional capacity of the country! Aigaforum Feb 16, 2018

Breaking News:
Ethiopia's enemies from far and near will undoubtedly spin the resignation of the prime minister as sign of turmoil and as a state failure. They will not take the resignation as a sign of developing democratic system because that will not bode well with their sinister plan to disintegrate Ethiopia. They will not tell you the PM resignation is an outcome of the deep renewal movement of EPRDF member parties where they have identified executive leadership failure as the source of the turmoil the country finds itself in!
EPRDF has created a demanding society and an active economy where the day to day challenges are enormous! Ethiopia needs a strong leader. It needs astute and well respected leader. It is not with out reason former PM Meles was very successful navigating through the past turmoils. He was successful because he was astute and pragmatic! We have said it before and we will say it now, the next PM should not be measured by his ethnicity but by his ability and credibility. To all our readers ignore the ignorant and do not be hoodwinked by all the negativity. Ethiopia will be okay! Aigaforum Feb 15, 2018

የፌዴራሊዝም ተመራጭነት ከምኑ ላይ ነው?
ወንድይራድ ኃብተየስ 02-16-18

An open letter to the United States congress
Yared Gebrehiwot December 30, 2017.

ልቢ ነዕቢ!
ኣሰፋ ኣብርሃ 02-15-18

Roundup Interview
Tamrat Yemane interview with Mekelle residents, educators and investors on the current challenges of TPLF as a government. The current deep renewal process challenges are enormous! The current leadership will need all the help to identify the real challenges.We hope such interviews will help them ! The series will continue.



Listen to the roundup interview with random people in and aorund Mekelle - Feb 2018

ANDM Expecting a Major Shift
True to form one of the vanguard member of EPRDF ANDM is expecting to pass a major decision at the end of its central committee meeting. Party leaders have been hammering on many issues and have reached agreement on many of the issues. Although no date is set for the conclusion of the meeting, the meeting is on its last phase where individuals are evaluated !

Breaking News: PM Hailemariam Desalegn has submitted his resignation to Parliament. According to Fana Broadcasting Corporation the PM has also submitted his resignation as chairman of his party.As you recall his party, Southern Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement (SEPDM) central committee has been in a long deep renewal meeting for the last few weeks! It is developing story, stay tuned, Aigaforum Feb 15, 2018

Seenaa Hindagatamne
Ibsa namarraa 02-14-18 - Bitti Itiyoophiyaa bifa cocoorreen fakkeefamti. Gareewwan tokko tokko yammuu Itiyoophiyaa ibasan cocoorree akka qeerransaa jeedhu. Garuu Itiyoophiyaan bifa saddeet tama ool osoo qabaattu, qeerranssa cocoorree haalluu lama qabuun maaliif akka fakkeefamtee naahigalu. Waamaraafu, Itiyoophiyaan biyya saboota, sablammoota fi ummattoota haalluu ykn bifa saddeet tama ol qabdu dhaa.

Ethnic Violence in Ethiopia Stoked by Social Media from U.S.
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Feb 11 2018 (IPS) - In Ethiopia social media is a double-edged sword: capable of filling a sore need for more information but also of pushing the country toward even greater calamity.Thousands of Ethiopians remain displaced after ethnic violence last September drove an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 from their homes in the neighbouring Oromia and Somali regions.

My First Visit to Mekelle Stadium
Tesfai Hailu, Feb. 12, 2018 - Had the opportunity to watch the football match between Mekelle City and Bunna(Coffee) teams that took place on Sat. Feb. 10 at the new stadium in Mekelle. And I regret to say that the experience was far from enjoyable in almost all aspects, and here is why.

Tamrat Yemane reportage on unresolved issues people living around Wolqayit Sugar Project are asking to be resolved!
Ethiopia's huge public works on infrastructure and key industrial projects is becoming a source of many public complaints. Even though the complaints are heard from north to south and east to west, not all complaints are leading to mayhem and destruction. Some are determined to exhaust the peaceful avenue! Kudos to them!

Listen to the reportage

Weekly Media Briefing Report (12-16 February 2018)
Ethiopian Embassy Pretoria, South Africa 02-12-18

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

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